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Description of breed Affenpinscher, price and photo, care and health


Read the description Breed Affenpinscher, See the photo, find out the details of the maintenance and care, what kind of health this breed of dogs has.

The name affenpinscher from German is translated as "ape-like". A tightly built affenpinscher - a small relative of the terriers, really looks like a monkey.

Affenpinscher: characteristics

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    History of the breed

    This is one of the oldest indoor dogs that appeared in Central Europe. But initially it was not a decorative dog. She was kept in shops and at stables for the purpose of hunting rats.

    Further breeding was on the way of reducing the size of the dog and they began to be kept in the houses for catching mice in the boudoir of noble hostesses. In France these dogs were called "mustachioed devils".

    There is no clear opinion on the ancestors of this breed. Someone thinks that it originated from the Brussels griffin, and some people attribute its origin to the miniature schnauzers. This breed became independent at an exhibition in Berlin in 1896. Before that, it was especially popular in the east and south of Germany, Austria. Today, these dogs are more common in these same countries, as well as throughout Europe and in America.



    He has a prominent chin with a mustache and beard, bushy eyebrows and attentive eyes.

    In general, it is a harmoniously folded terrier-like dog with cropped ears and tail. Although the standard allows and not cropped ears.

    The height of the dog at the withers fluctuates around 23 - 29 cm, the ideal height is 26 cm. The weight fluctuates around 3-5 kg.

    The dog holds the head high and proud. Her eyes are dark, round, shiny, medium in size. Muzzle short, slightly narrowed to a blunted nose. The nose of the nose is black. Slightly forward is the lower lip.

    Wool covering wire-like, hard,Length of about 2.5 cm on the head, withers and back. Shorter on the tail and back of the thighs. In an adult dog, often the coat on the neck and chest is long, forming a "collar".

    Color can be black, silver, gray,Black-tan or red up to orange-yellow-brown or brownish-red. Red dogs can have black, white hair or brown hairs with a tan. Black dogs may have a brownish tide.

    The nature of the affenpinscher

    This is an energetic and fervent dog. Quite curious, faithful to the owners and their friends, loving. Usually behaves very calmly, but when threatened or attacked, fearless.

    These kids are very fond of being close to theirThey quickly learn everything, prefer to be in the center of attention, but they do not create much noise. The affenpinscher treats strangers suspiciously, but feels well in his family. May be suspicious of an unfamiliar child. Good gets along with dogs of his breed, but cats are afraid. Therefore, you should carefully combine this dog with other animals. Rats have a hunting instinct, so decorative rodents can be in danger.

    There may be problems with home training. This dog does not like drill and does not always understand why she needs it. Teams affenpinscher remembers well, but do not rush them due to natural stubbornness. It is necessary to look for an individual approach to it.

    There is something ape and in the behavior of this breed and these clownish tricks and grimaces provide it with universal attention and sympathy.

    This is a real terrier, easily out of balance in a difficult situation. It should not be left alone in the house.

    Maintenance and care


    This dog can be kept as in the cityApartment, and in a country house, but not in the cage, but in the room. It is worth taking care that the courtyard had a high fence, because these dogs are good climbing and able to overcome a one and a half-meter fence.

    This is a very active dog and she needs a constant andA fairly long paddock with games. But in society it must be deduced only on a leash, as it will strive to rush at anyone, regardless of its magnitude.

    Care affenpincherom simple enough. On his ears he cuts his hair quite short. Also, the dog can be sheared in order to smooth the transition from short hair to long, but the dog should have a shaggy appearance.

    This breed is combed two or three times a week, so that the hair does not get tangled. In the trimming before the shows the dog does not need. In addition, the affenpinscher does not shed.


    Affenpinscher is distinguished by strong health. He can easily take a walk of ten kilometers and he needs constant physical activity. Its main problem is the diseases of the musculoskeletal system - injuries of limbs or dislocation of joints. This is due to the tendency of small breeds to a constant movement.

    The life expectancy of representatives of thisBreeds are 11 years old, and they grow up quite late - to two years. To prolong the life of a pet, you need to monitor its weight, and protect black dogs from direct sun rays. Also, do not jump even from a small height of the chair.


    Price of the breed, cost, rubles

    A puppy affenpinscher is quite difficult to obtain. Their offspring are few, and the selection program is limited. Therefore, these puppies are quite expensive: From 1000 to 2000 dollars.

    Affinpincher's photo

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