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Which breed is the smartest?

Answer # 1:

There is no cleverest breed. Dogs differ in intelligence, no matter whether they are pedigreed or mongrel. In every breed there are very smart, dull, just bad. I was engaged in boxers, but I talked a lot with the dogs, owners of other breeds, and considered my dog ​​very clever, because he combined two mutually exclusive commands: "Quiet voice". And now my mother has a mongrel we picked up by us, which is smarter than all the dogs I knew. And how to choose a puppy to grow into a smart dog? This is another matter.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

The one that will be taught by professionals
But IMHO is the German Shepherd

Answer # 4:

Bitch of any breed ...

Answer # 5:

German Shepherd

Answer No. 6:

The most capable breeds of dogs. Understanding new teams in less than 5
Repetitions. Subordination by the first team is 95% or better.
1. Border collie
2. The Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pinscher
6. Scottish Shepherd
7. Labrador Retriever
8. The Papillon
9. Rottweiler
10. Kelpie
11. Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
12. Miniature Schnauzer
13. English Springer Spaniel

Answer No. 7:

Border Collie - from 10 subjects on the team brings several named or unnamed

Answer No. 8:

The mongrel is the cleverest dog

Answer No. 9:

Well in tops and ratings, they write a border collie.

Answer No. 10:

German Shepherd

Answer No. 11:

The smartest is the one whose master is smart. .. It is easiest for me to work with malinoids. And as a friend in the house I love the Great Dane.

Answer No. 12:

All dogs are clever ... It does not depend on the breed

Answer # 13:


Answer # 14:

Papillons are smart despite their size, labradors, welsh corgi

Answer No. 15:

The poodle digests the largest number of words. With them you can, for life, talk. In general, the cleverest is your dog, grown in love and care.
For me and so this, the most intelligent and loving.

Answer # 16:

In fact, the border collie is the most intelligent breed in the world

Answer # 17:

Border Collie.)))

Answer # 18:

St. Bernard

Answer No. 19:

wrong. Border Collie is the smartest breed!

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