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Which breed of dogs is the most popular?

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Which breed of dogs is the most popular?
Published on: 2012-08-28
This coefficient is obtained from the ratio of the manifestation of activity (ads, pages of nurseries and breeders) to the interest of the audience to this breed of dogs.

No. Breed of dogs Коеф. Pop.
1 Russian Toy Terrier * 0.73
2 Poodle 0.46
3 Papillon 0.28
4 Chinese Crested Doggy 0.27
5 Parson Russell Terrier 0.27
6 Weimaraner 0.14
7 Akita Inu 0.12
8 German Shepherd 0.11
9 Dalmatian 0.10
10 Jack Russell Terrier 0.10
11 Golden Retriever 0.07
12 Siberian Husky 0.07
13 Chihuahua 0.07
14 Yorkshire Terrier 0.06
15 Petit Brabanson 0.05
16 Welsh terrier 0.04
17 Kurzhaar 0.04
18 Beagle 0.03
19 Mexican Naked Doggy 0.03
20 Central Asian Shepherd Dog 0.03

Answer # 2:

Noble breed (purebred nobleman - domestic dog), their most in the world.

Answer # 3:

York, labrador, husky, akita-inu

Answer # 4:

On the rocks, unfortunately, there is the same fashion as everything else. Now there are a lot of Labradors, Yorks.

Answer # 5:

According to the results of surveys and statistics of theA popular breed of dogs for more than twenty years there is a Labrador. It is a mobile, very intelligent dog that can easily be trained, perfectly coexists with other pets and does not show aggression towards people.

The only problem with whichEncounter Labrador's owner, there may be a need for long walks with Labrador. A moving dog needs a place where it can run and give a way out of the accumulated energy. Otherwise, there will be no inconvenience or difficulty with Labrador.

In second place is the German Shepherd, who alsoIs among the three most intelligent dogs. Thanks to stamina and unpretentiousness in content, the German shepherd is most often used in the army and police, as a guard or a search dog, more often than other dogs. Despite this, the German shepherd gets on well with the children and will never offend the child.

Closes the top three most popular breedsYorkshire Terrier. This is a decorative breed of dogs, very miniature - the weight of an adult dog does not exceed three kilograms. It is easy to keep a york, but it requires very careful care, which is far from being possible for everyone. Ask a Question

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Answer No. 7:

Russian Toy Terrier

Answer No. 8:

Mostly Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier and Husky

Answer No. 9:

That the terrier is smooth-haired, but I have that long-haired. Longhair is more beautiful. !!

Answer No. 10:

Alabai or Middle Asian Shepherd

Answer No. 11:

I find York and the Huskies

Answer No. 12:

Husky, shepherd, it is better to take a poor mongrel from the street that has no one.

Answer # 13:

Now the most popular breed: Husky, AST, APBT

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Answer No. 15:

A lot of information about the CAO breed:

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Answer # 17:

Labrador, Terrier, Chihuahua, Shepherd.

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Answer No. 19:

The Yorkshire Terrier

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