/ Can a girl go to a cat's crayfish? We have a cat and there will be a dog, can they walk in one lats?

Can a dog go to a cat's cat tray? We have a cat and there will be a dog, can they walk in one lats?

Answer # 1:

This will be an intrusion into the personal toilet of the cat !!! A cat after this can even go to the toilet in another place !!! And the best thing is to walk a dog down the street with a cat!

Answer # 2:

A dog walking on a tray is a mockery.

Answer # 3:

Dogs on the street walking, despite the size of the dog is not a cat ...

Answer # 4:

With a dog on the street you need to walk

Answer # 5:

No you can not. Different smells, vryatli they will go to the same tray.
It is best to put 2 trays in different places

Answer No. 6:

She does not go to the cat's tray, and ifGo then wait that your cat will shit next to the pot, or at all in the corners, because the smell will not be hers, you need to be careful with this and the dog should be better trained on the street.

Answer No. 7:

Theoretically possible. But they are unlikely to want to use one tray. But generally dogs should be taken for walks. And even half a year they are at home. If you are not ready for all this, then it is better not to take the dog.

Answer No. 8:

A cat may not appreciate the encroachment on herown. Can refuse to go to this tray and will do in other places. At me the male senior somehow has jumped in a toilet and sikanul a cat in a tray. Kisa was in terrible indignation, screamed and buried the label for half an hour, then the dog was chewed on the ass. Put your own tray in the dog if you do not walk.

Answer No. 9:

If you are too lazy to walk the dog in no eventYou must not allow a cat and a dog to walk around alone! Tk they will not share it will fight and fight !!!! Most likely you just can not accustom the dog to the patch!

Answer No. 10:

The cat from this moment will start to crap all overApartment! A dog, which is allowed to shit in the backyard of the apartment - will shit EVERYWHERE, wherever she likes. Total, because of your laziness and ignorance - complete with a toilet and everywhere is provided! Get ready)))

Answer No. 11:

No, buy a new tray for the dog, it's a bit different

Answer No. 12:

And the dog vryat will go there myself.

Answer # 13:

no. Sometimes two cats in one tray refuse to walk. And for dogs, the cat's tray does not fit, you need a special dog.

Answer # 14:

A dog needs to walk in any weather and any breed. We have a current and walk in minus 26! And nothing is still alive. Only quickly and in clothes. It's lazy trying to accustom to the tray.

Answer No. 15:

To a dog while small, diapers buyAbsorb special or on an oilcloth disposable napkin more, or put a separate tray. For a cat it will be a torture when the dog walks into its tray. The cat is not just in the tray as it goes to the toilet, it marks the territory. My cat not only protects his cat tray from the cat, but also pisy and kaki separately does, will not go for anything else if the tray has already been used once and not cleaned.

Answer # 16:

We, it seems, have already moved far away from animals inPlan of civilization. Otherwise, such questions would not appear. The matter is that for animals urine and feces are original "letters" in which they tell about themselves, about their kind, sex, age and health. And if the new pet, which is already a source of stress for the former, encroaches on its territory, the consequences can be unpredictable.
You will understand this when you walk the dog, and she will run to each yellow streak in the snow, sniff it, and then urinate next. Hence, she "read" the letter and "answered" to him :)

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