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Who is better than a dog or a cat?

Answer # 1:

Absolutely different animals.
Dogs even small obey the master,
Kitties and cats are also freedom-loving and willful.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

A cat and a dog :) but in general a cat.

Answer # 4:

For me it's the same, but you have to walk with a dog, and with a cat it is not necessary, I already have 2 cats, I also want to have a dog

Answer # 5:

It is better to study at school so as not to ask stupid questions.

Answer No. 6:

I like more cat.

Answer No. 7:

A cat will poke your sneakers, and the dog will tear them apart.

Answer No. 8:

Definitely a dog

Answer No. 9:

Dog - man's friend is certainly better! But the cat is good in its though and selfish and independent, but the domestic cat will not survive without humans and the dog can!

Answer No. 10:

All animals are better than humans.

Answer No. 11:

Cat and Dog are alike, but I like cat more

Answer No. 12:

Cat + dog = !!!

Answer # 13:


Answer # 14:

A cat is better than her "mobile" and the dog is in most cases large and walk every day in the morning it is necessary with her

Answer No. 15:

Cat is better.
It is small, neat, tidy, pleasantly smelling.
He will come to you, pomurchet, pokogtit.

Answer # 16:

10 reasons why dogs are better than cats: 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats

Many people think that cats are more cheerful andexotic animals. But I exist, which is going to tell you that you do not need to take everything at face value, that you are told by cat lovers. In fact, dogs make the world spin, and now, 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats.

1. You can train the dog. Unlike cats, even the most inexperienced dog lover can easily teach a dog the simplest commands. Have you ever seen a cat at the word "sit" sitting? ?

2. Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into an aquarium for fish?

3. The dog will be able to protect you and your house much better than a cat.

4. Dogs are active - they are better suited to provide you with an active lifestyle. With a cat, you just can not walk outside.

5. Adequacy. There are many things that are indifferent to dogs, but cats are crazy about them. For example, the favorite place of my friend's cat is the keyboard of his computer. The dog will not permanently sleep on the keyboard. Also, dogs will not climb trees, where they will need to be removed.

6. To play with dogs is much more interesting than with cats.

7. A dog feels when you are sad. And he will try to provide the best comfort for you. And you do not care about cats until you have cat food.

8. A dog can save your life. In any case, she will at least wake you if your house is on fire. The cat will try to escape.

9. Dogs are positive. Dogs think that you are the best person on the planet, even if you are very grumpy. When you come home from school or work, the dog will lick your face and jump around you. They are always waiting for you with impatience, while cats will not even notice where you are while they have food.

10. Dogs listen. When you talk to dogs, they make a face, as if listening to you, and bow your head to understand what you said. The cat in this case meows and runs away.

But cats also have advantages:
5 reasons why cats are better than dogs:

1) A cat, unlike a dog, does not ask for help on the street.

2) The cat eats less than the dog, the main thing is to choose the right diet! !!

3) Cat - catches mice (pronounced benefit).

By the way, a rat cat, can save 10 tons of grain a year!

4) You are already an adult, and you know that all animals molt So, dogs, on average, are 1.5-2 times larger in size than cats, so the area of ​​the wool surface is much larger!
5) The dog always bark at the entrance when it goes down the street!

Answer # 17:

Cats are beyond competition !!!!

Answer # 18:

In general, both the dog and the cat are good in their own way!

Answer No. 19:

You can not compare these two different animals, the dog is for active people, a cat on the contrary who has little time or can not walk often.

Answer # 20:

If you do not want special hassle, you can have a cat if you live in your own house and not in an apartment-dog is better

Answer # 21:

Each in its own ideal ...

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