/ / Cats or dogs ???!

Cats or dogs ???!

Answer # 1:

Both cats and dogs. Both husband and children. SO SO GOOD, WHEN COME FROM WORK, AND YOU ALL MEET !!!
And do not choose between someone ...

Answer # 2:

Enough zoo in the apartments arrange! Get a guy first, then children, and then grandchildren :)

Answer # 3:

Who that loves.

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Dogs !!

Answer No. 6:

Take all whom will be offered.

Answer No. 7:

Get a dog.

Answer No. 8:

dogs. I believe that cats are animals that the owner needs only to feed them, and dogs are animals that can not live without their master.

Answer No. 9:

Kinder kire kiurhe - like that.

Answer No. 10:

Better than her husband

Answer No. 11:

Definitely cats

Answer No. 12:

There is a Boss - homeless, no Boss - homeless.

Answer # 13:

Looking for what and to whom.

Answer # 14:


Answer No. 15:


Answer # 16:

10 reasons why dogs are better than cats:
1. You can learn the dog
2. Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into an aquarium for fish?
3. The dog will be able to protect you and your house much better than a cat.
4. Dogs are active - they are better suited to provide you with an active lifestyle. With a cat, you just can not walk outside.
5. Adequacy. Dogs will not climb trees, where they will need to be removed.
6. To play with dogs is much more interesting than with cats.
7. A dog feels when you are sad. And he will try to provide the best comfort for you. And you do not care about cats until you have cat food.
8. A dog can save your life. In any case, she will at least wake you if your house is on fire. The cat will try to escape.
9. Dogs are positive. Dogs think that you are the best person on the planet, even if you are very grumpy. When you come home from school or work, the dog will lick your face and jump around you. They are always waiting for you with impatience, while cats will not even notice where you are while they have food.
10. Dogs listen. When you talk to dogs, they make a face, as if listening to you, and bow your head to understand what you said. The cat in this case meows and runs away.

Answer # 17:

For lazy cats, for active dogs.

Answer # 18:

Only dogs

Answer No. 19:

Better than two. And you burst with laughter. And you will be jealous of their friendship.

Answer # 20:

Answer zx zxzz
Cats are needed in order to understand all this, about dogs. Although if you really try, you can do all this with cats.
1.cats can be trained.
2. the dogs fall and not just another aquarium. Ponds with leeches and baths with paint and pits with manure. We all passed.
3. the cat can protect you and your house much better than the dog. . Also checked!
4. there are dogs such pofigistki and lazy, that any cat ....
5. Adequacy. Cats will not eat anything on the street. Even stones and rubber chambers from the wheels. (Swallow a few times)
6. To play with dogs is much more interesting than with cats. Everything is exactly the opposite! But if it really is the most interesting, when a cat is playing with a dog!
7 .... and again bullshit! And the cat and the dog behave exactly the same! If of course they are your friends, not you and their feeders forage
8. here I do not know ... Dogs did not save my life, and cats too! But from literature I know different examples.
9. YOURSELF !!!! 100% nonsense !!!! And dogs and cats are happy with your arrival alike! The dog is ready not only to lick you all, but also to kiss in a suck, and the cat will wipe you off and purse everything and tell you everything that happened the day
10. Dogs listen. EXACTLY! And cats not only listen, but still something and they will tell! PROMURLACHAT! Try to hear them! Both

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