/ / Which of the breeds of dogs is considered the most kusucha?

Which of the breeds of dogs is considered the most biting?

Answer # 1:

The dog is biting only from the life of a dog =)
All these ratings of the most intelligent, dangerous, stupid and biting breeds are always stupidity and subjective opinion. The behavior of the dog depends on the upbringing, the state of mind and control by the owner.
Such ratings are often called theBiting the breed fee. Further there are various decorative breeds (chihuahua, yorkies). And the truth is there: the dachshund is a normal hunter. Because of the small size of them, they often try to make the decor. As a result, an ill-bred, unregulated and hyperactive dachshund begins to hunt on the heels of bicyclists. In addition, the rates are very jealous, they are wary of strangers, they can play. So it turns out that they bite the owner or guests during the game. But with normal upbringing it is an adequate breed.
As for pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers andBullterriers are dogs whose aggression towards humans is unacceptable. Scary stories about them - this is also a consequence of the wrong education and stupidity of the owner: fools get these dogs for the sake of Ponte, try to embitter, and since protection and protection is not the purpose of these breeds, the dog is broken by the psyche.

Answer # 2:

The most-uninvested

Answer # 3:

Pitbull or bull terrier. I think one of them. Bull Terrier in general the owner can tear his face. In any case, one of the fighters.

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Any dog ​​not raised.

Answer No. 6:

It does not depend on the breed, but on the degree of bad manners and lack of discipline

Answer No. 7:

And yet the Central Asian Shepherd Dog recognizes only the owner, but even then he can bite

Answer No. 8:

Not well-bred and from the breed or its absence it does not depend.

Answer No. 9:

The most aggressive breed of dog is this
1. American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff)
2.Bulter Terrier

Killer dogs

Answer No. 10:

German Shepherd. If it is trained, then it can strongly bite through anything.

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