/ / Can a cat and rabbit get along together? What do you think?

Can a cat and rabbit get along together? What do you think?

Answer # 1:

Variations on the theme of the old problem "The Wolf, the Goat and the Cabbage"?
The dog should treat the owner's pets loyally simply for the sake of the fact that this muck belongs to its owner. But not all dogs are on top.
A cat and a rabbit - sometimes even ... (Shooting my, done purely by accident).

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

It seems to me that it depends on the age of the animals

Answer # 4:

If a dog and a cat take a small, they can.

Answer # 5:

Educate them from an early age together and let themselves live

Answer No. 6:

Can, most likely. The question is, will you get along with them

Answer No. 7:

Cat and rabbit yes! But with the dog, no!

Answer No. 8:

It all depends on the characters of the animals.
Cats and dogs live with me. We also got a puppy to adult cats, and kittens to an adult dog.
Adult dogs were also taken for a while: our cats and dogs reacted calmly.
Cats usually grumble, do not like strangers, but after a few days they calm down.
As for the rabbit ... I can not vouch here. No one ate my hamsters. But a cat or a rabbit dog can chase: it is still prey (not a predator). Especially if the dog is a hunting and an adult or a cat is a natural hunter.

Answer No. 9:

Depends on the breed of the dog and the age of the cat

Answer No. 10:

Friends have a rabbit, a dog and two cats.

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