/ / Which dog is the most interesting to me not for battles?

Which dog is the most interesting for me not for battles?

Answer # 1:

The Canary Dog (pictured). Despite its formidable appearance, the representatives of this breed are very good-natured and balanced. The Canarian Dog is very attached to his master and devoted to him until the end of his days.
Doberman Pinscher. Interestingly, Dobermans participated in the Second World War. For the excellent service they were given the title "Always true". Among themselves, this breed was called the "devil's dogs" - the speed of reaction, speed, fearlessness and invulnerability made the Dobermans unsurpassed in carrying out special missions.
Great Dane. Sometimes such dogs are called only "gentle giants", which corresponds to their character. They are unusually strong and incredibly accommodative in training.
Rottweiler. During the First World War, Rottweilers successfully served the German army, but other countries did not even know about the existence of such a breed of dogs ....
For a detailed description and a photo of these and other strong breeds of dogs, see the link.

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Answer # 3:

Лёша путин новоя пда чмотерьер the most powerful dog for the only one in its breed

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Answer # 5:

Most likely St. Bernard. They were taken out to save people in the mountains from under the avalanches. Newfoundland is smaller. And the mastiffs were not selected for endurance.

Answer No. 6:

Bull Terrier, pit bull terrier, americanStaffordshire terrier. These are pure fighting breeds. Often use Alabayev, Caucasian shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans. But these breeds are not fighters from the very beginning. By the way, surprisingly enough, but shar pei is also a fighting dog.

Answer No. 7:

Breed ... Bears are also dogs

Answer No. 8:

Matino Napolitano

Answer No. 9:

Only a pet can carry a weight 30 times greater than its own and also jumps well.

Answer No. 10:

Bull terrier and pit bull

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