/ / The dog was bitten by a tick, what should I do?

The dog was bitten by a tick, what should I do?

Answer # 1:

These ticks are divorced !! It must be properly removed so that the head does not remain at first, then anoint the thread with the place of the bite. I recently bitten a dog and she was infected with some dangerous infection, we thought it was time to choose a new dog, in a veterinarian, everyone was stabbed for 7-8 injections a day and it's uselessly useless. The brother found an online consultation, they looked at the tests, Che poked, vopshchem recommended to remove half of useless drugs, explained what and where, in general, the dog gets better, tfu tfu.
So there it is necessary to look that at you the same piece has not begun, there can be a preventive maintenance what, a site with consultation http://vet-otvet.com/

Answer # 2:

You have to go to the vet clinic! Do not try to pull it out, only if it's a special puller for dogs, but it's better to go to the vet right away!

Answer # 3:

To the wind urgently. The tick can be an incephalitis. Pyroplasmos can be.

Answer # 4:

Go to the vet, you can try to pull the tick, and also buy a pshikalku for dogs from ticks and sprinkle from spring to autumn. And run to the hospital, especially if the dog is not young.

Answer # 5:

Monitor the condition for several days, with a malaise in the vet clinic for analysis

Answer No. 6:

These ticks really are many. It is necessary to grease the mite with sunflower oil, then very carefully pull out the tick with tweezers, only that the spout remains in the mite.

Answer No. 7:

It's better right after that. As the tick noticed, go to the vet. The doctor will remove the tick and carry out the necessary studies. If the animal's condition worsens, it's possible that pyroplasmosis is a very dangerous disease of animals.

Answer No. 8:

Closely monitor the condition of the dog, forActivity, appetite. And watch the urine: if it gets dark - 100% pyroplasmosis, then it's urgent to the vet. All is well treated, if in time will turn to the doctor.

Answer No. 9:

In any case in the clinic you will calculate the dose of the pyrostope, they will introduce, most importantly, not to reach the droppers

Answer No. 10:

Go to the clinic

Answer No. 11:

Grease mite and skin around the bite with ointmentTurpentine with any fat that is on hand, the tick starts to crawl, do not pull that there were no leftovers in the wound wound to treat with an antiseptic, preferably to the doctor

Answer No. 12:

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Answer # 13:

Here is the complete information about ixodid mites http://net-kleshu.ru/

Answer # 14:

In a vet clinic it is necessary to go

Answer No. 15:

No! Urgently to the vet! My dog ​​was bitten by a tick not long ago. Sucked. Parasite. Yesterday the symptoms showed themselves ... Today my mother went to the vet: they say they will live ..

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