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Basset Hound standards, weight, height

Let's look at the Basset Hound breed standards. According to the standard, the ideal Basset Hound is: short-legged, stable, harmonious, important kind of dog. Desirable skin folding.

The head is dome-shaped, with a pronouncedOccipital tubercle. The forehead and muzzle line is almost parallel. The length of the muzzle is slightly larger than the half of the length of the head. On the forehead and around the eyes - wrinkles in moderation. But in any case, the skin is so loose that it is easily collected by deep wrinkles and folds, when the dog tilts, for example, the head down to the ground.

The nose of the nose is entirely black;Be brown or light brown. Nostrils are large. Basset's eyes are round, not too deep seated and not rolled out, dark brown, and in light dogs - light brown. The expression of the eyes is calm and serious. Conjunctiva eyelids visible, but not too much. Light or yellow eyes are a serious vice. The ears are low set, just below the eye line. Hang down to the edge of the muzzle, regular shape, long, but not too long. Throughout its length, soft and fleshy ears, velvety and tender to the touch, curl into the tube. Teeth strong, with an ideal scissor bite, in full set. Bryly significantly overlapping the lower lips.

The neck is muscular, high set, moderate long.

The withers are well developed, but not too much. Shoulders with good inclination, shoulders not heavy. Forelegs are powerful, strong, with strong bones. Knees are not turned not inside not out - they are next to the ribs of the chest. Hind legs strong, muscular. When viewed from behind, they have a barrel-shaped setting.

Hip joints have good angulationsArticulations. Hock joints are low and slightly elevated, perpendicular, in relation to the trunk. On the paws and hocks, the skin can form wrinkles. The skin hangs so freely that even "bags" can form behind the hocks.

The paws are massive, round in shape, on thick pads. The dog stands exactly and the weight is distributed to all the pads. When viewed from the front, the chest basset hounda perfectly adapts to the shoulder line.

Forearms are covered with folds of the skin. The body is long and wide throughout its length. The chest is protruding forward, the thorax is proportional. Boca not protruding. The back is quite long, even.

Withers and croups are approximately at the same height. Although the croup may be slightly convex. The back from the withers to the hip joints should not be too long.

Weight from 23 to 29 kg. In males, the weight of females is from 20 to 27 kg. The tail is highly planted, rather long, thick at the base, with a moderately hard coat. When the basset hound is on the move - the tail is raised and saber-like curved. It is never straight or twisted by a ring. The height at the withers is 33 -38 cm. The movements should be very harmonious for this breed of dogs. With good removal and energetic shocks from behind, claws should not cling to the ground. The coat is short, stiff and smooth, and not thin.

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