/ A medium sized hunting dog. Advise the breed

A hunting dog of medium size. Advise the breed

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Hunting dogs of medium size

English Cocker Spaniel
Origin. English Cocker Spaniel - a breed of dogs, artificially bred in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1902 this breed was officially recognized. The homeland of this pod is England, although it spread all over the world in the shortest possible time.
Description. Weight 12,5 - 14,5 kg. Height at the withers: 39 - 41 cm (Male), 38 - 39 cm (females). Wool English cocker spaniel medium length, soft and silky.
Character. English Cocker Spaniel - this is a real hunting dog, today, it can be called sporty, since its irrepressible energy constantly drives it. All her movements are extremely energetic with a noticeable scope. Despite the increased sociability and natural friendliness, such dogs often show a lack of confidence in outsiders, they are sensitive to the mood of a person. Playful temper and natural gaiety make English Cocker Spaniel attractive to breeders. Especially it is worth noting the wonderful scent and sight that make these dogs good hunters.
Using. Initially, the main task of scientists in breeding the breed of English Cocker Spaniel was to create an ideal hunting dog.

English Springer Spaniel
Origin. It has an ancient origin, the oldest of girlfriends' hunting dogs; Was originally used to find and release game in the hunter's network, under falcons or under greyhounds.
Description. The approximate height is 51 cm. Wool is dense, straight, can be slightly wavy, not curly. Elegant hair on the ears, on the front and hind legs and on the body. Color chocolate-white or black-and-white or any of the above two with a tan.
Character. Friendly, obedient, favorite of the family. Cowardice or aggression is extremely undesirable.
Using. It is currently used to find and raise a bird on the wing for a shot, as well as to feed the game.

Basset Hound
Origin. The place where this breed of dogs was born, like a basset hound, is Great Britain. Her ancestors come from France, they are hunting dogs - bassets, later they were joined by bloodhounds and bigles. This breed has gained worldwide fame due to the fact that one famous shoe company used a dog of this breed for shooting in a commercial.
Description. Height 35.5 cm. Weight: 18-33 kg. The wool of the representatives of this breed is dense, short, closely fitting to the body. The color of the Basset Hound wool is usually three-color, that is, white-brown-black, but there are other variations, these dogs are also two-colored. Has a thick elastic skin, which helps protect against wounds from branches and some sharp objects when chasing the beast.
Character. Basset Hound - it's smart enough and savvy dogs they are not difficult to teach, especially since they show this very keen interest. Basset Hounds have an excellent nose, so they are constantly on the move, sniffing every new thing that came into the house. They need regular walks, on which such dogs could feel relatively free and could do their favorite thing, that is, the search for interesting things. Basset Hounds are born hunters, they are characterized by such features as gambling and mobility.

Origin. Laika was bred in Russia in the 19th century. Crossing of Khanty and Mansiysk dogs close to each other for hunting large game - bear, deer and wolf, but more often, husks are used for the production of sables and other animals of the family of cunts.
Description. Height 55-62 cm, weight 18-23 kg. Woolen hairs are thick, coarse, straight, with a soft undercoat. On the head, ears and front sides of the limbs hair is short. On the withers, neck and shoulders, the hair is long, it forms bunks on the cheekbones, on the neck there is a collar "muff", on the hind legs there are small streaks, but without suspension. Color A

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Spaniel !!! The most suitable for hunting is a Russian spaniel, but English is not bad either!

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Standard rate, spaniels (springer, Russian, English, etc.), beagle, basset hound, jagter terrier, bedlington terrier, Karelo-Finnish Laika and many other breeds.
What kind of hunt do you need?

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Beagle !!!!

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Medium height and weight
Well, beagle

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