/ / A dog or a kitten? I can not decide whom to bring.

A dog or a kitten? I can not decide whom to bring.

Answer # 1:

She's a super dog))) and cats can cunningly betray(((And the fact that the cat does not have to walk full bret then stench from the tray will also accustom to this, and if the dog has a brain even after the first walk will understand that it is necessary to piss on the street

Answer # 2:

Straight kotopez some)

Answer # 3:

To the dog, she will never betray.
A dog is a friend of man, but its bad when a friend is a dog!

Answer # 4:

To the dog ...

Answer # 5:

The cat does not have to walk, vaccinate, eat less, furniture does not gnaw, Do not piss at home until 6 months ...

Answer No. 6:


Answer No. 7:

My opinion is a cat. The cat is less troublesome: you do not have to walk it, the wool is smaller. A dog should be started only when you have a lot of free time, the dog needs a lot of attention, and the cat sleeps quietly on your feet and purrs)

Answer No. 8:

To walk it is not necessary, to inculcate it is desirable, in meal it is more often whimsical and legible, furniture does not gnaw - furniture is cut. At home, pissing and at 6 years old as well as in 6 months.

Answer No. 9:

You have to walk with a dog, get up early. And for kote only remove stool. I only had cats. I got a dog and did not cope with leaving, had to return.

Answer No. 10:

Do not listen to anyone! How many people have so many opinions! If you doubt it means not yet the time to have an animal! And there is no such "dog or cat" you do not choose mayonnaise and sour cream, think yourself ready, are you able, whether you can, whether there is free time, etc. =) do not rush the main thing. Or in general, get a parrot)

Answer No. 11:

The dog does not like to sit alone at home.

Answer No. 12:

A dog and a cat will love you equally. You must decide who you want. I have 3 dogs at home, 2 cats, a chinchilla and a hamster plus fish. All the time.

Answer # 13:

Cat, the only difference ... a cat does not have to be walked around, but it cares equally both about the cat and about the dog, and it is also necessary to plant the cat

Answer # 14:

To start kitten. Score experience, and then start a dog. Good luck!

Answer No. 15:

If the cat will speak pluses and minuses. Plus she can catch mice, can purr (that's nice), and be a good buddy. Cons-it is necessary to remove the tray (this is not very nice), watch out for what would not have climbed (they are very curious). Dogs. Plus, a man's best friend, you can train (it's fun). Minus, will have to walk in the morning and evening, if he in the apartment "shit" then you clean up.

Answer # 16:

To the dog !!!

Answer # 17:

I would have got a dog

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