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Who is better than a dog or a cat?

Answer # 1:

It depends on what you prefer more
For example, I like dogs more.
P.S also have different breeds of cats dogs

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Cat, if you like to sit at home. And in the mornings not to walk sney. Purring, calm, at home will sit.
A dog, if you like to have fun, to walk. good friend.

Answer # 4:

Pyshnogrudaya blonde is definitely better !!!)

Answer # 5:

The dog is delicious

Answer No. 6:

Cat is for sure!

Answer No. 7:

How you zadolbali

Answer No. 8:

A dog is true, but with it it's harder - if it's bigA lot of feed, walk, wash, vaccinations, passport, problem passes (if the car is not) and it's all expensive, with small identities the same way. With a cat is easier - the main thing is to accustom it to the patch + they are clean and do not stink and they are more pleasant.

Answer No. 9:

Tiger home

Answer No. 10:

A dog she is more faithful to a cat is more independent.

Answer No. 11:

For me a dog

Answer No. 12:

It depends on the nature. Choose a cat, you need food, care. Like a dog, only if the dog then it will be your home friend)) who will not give up in trouble)

Answer # 13:

Both a dog and a cat :)

Answer # 14:


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