/ / Which breed was the very first dog?

Which breed was the very first dog?

Answer # 1:

The most ancient dog is the pharaoh's dog Tesem -Ancient Egyptian hunting dog, whose age is about 5000 years, and originated from ancient wolf-like and ancient jackals, as well as wolves and jackals. Further from them went all the greyhounds
Already from the wolf and the jackal all the other breeds of dogs went.

Answer # 2:

Wolf gray ordinary

Answer # 3:

Pharaoh's dog

Answer # 4:

The first breeds can be considered the mostClose to the wolf - for example, northern sled. But the formation of rocks was in different parts of the world in parallel, so there is no common breed for all. There are common ancestors - a wolf, also a coyote and a jackal

Answer # 5:

Akita Inu - Japan, 2nd millennium BC. E.
There were also more ancient dogs, but they did not have a current breed.

Answer No. 6:

Wolves were the very first

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