/ / I want to buy a dog for hunting, tell me how to approach a hare, a wild boar, a goat.

I want to buy a dog for hunting, tell me how to approach a hare, a wild boar, goats.

Answer # 1:

Overview of the main hunting breeds of dogsWill be useful for beginning hunters when choosing a dog for hunting. Different hunting breeds of dogs have their specialization. For example, with hounds and greyhound hunting dogs, they mostly hunt a hare and a fox. To hunt for fur-bearing animals, they take norn - dachshund and fox terriers, as well as greyhounds, hounds and laikas. On hunting for an elk, a wild boar or a bear, a husky will be good. Hunting for ducks will be successful with the cops.

Answer # 2:

Hare and wild boar - very different weight classes, I'm not sure that you can find a dog, suitable for catching both.

Answer # 3:

Karelo-Finnish Laika

Answer # 4:

On a wild boar you need at least two or three individuals of hawks, hounds and foxes (beagle, Russian hound) will fit the hare / fox.
One and the same husk will not work on both the hare and the wild boar.

Answer # 5:

The hare's hare can easily be lifted, and the wild boar will go, and it's better to hunt for a goat on the goat - they do not stop under the dog.

Answer No. 6:

On the hare-borzois, on the wild boar

Answer No. 7:

German yaggie terrier. Practically universal hunting dog for the beast.
The main specialization is hunting. A Fox. Can take a badger (depends on the dog). It is used on racoons. There are tests on aviary boar. They also go to the hare with the yagdas.
To feed the bird, the temperament is not the same.
I think, and the bear will go. Wolves and yagdis were officially hunted.
Yagter terriers are full of scumbags, in the best sense of this expression.
But if you can not cope with the character - then to the place of hunting the dog will be taken out in a wooden box, quickly pulling the flap and bouncing off. A feed with a shovel in the cage.

Answer No. 8:

Then you need three dogs

Answer No. 9:

For hunting, the Afghan Hound will suit, EnglishCocker Spaniel, English setter, Ainu, Retriever, Russian hunting spaniel. Still I can advise for hunting hunting knives from damask steel and Damask steel http://knife-klinok.ru/.

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