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Which breed of dogs is the most kind? Tell us about it

Answer # 1:

Any, except for small dogs, mutants, which recouped breeders.

Answer # 2:

Any dog ​​can be brought to madness))))

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Any, but I do not advise small ones, because in our house a small breed of dog bit a child.

Answer # 5:

Any dog ​​will be good if it is person-oriented, educated and trained.

Answer No. 6:

Any brought up. It does not depend on the breed.

Answer No. 7:

At hunting breeds the display of aggression to the person is considered as a vice

Answer No. 8:

From any breed of dog, if desired, you can make a monster.

Answer No. 9:

I think that the most kind - spaniels

Answer No. 10:

Of course your most good :)!
And brought up.

Answer No. 11:

Samoyed is patient, not malicious t. To aggression is considered not a prosperity in the breed, loves the owner and the whole family as a whole. With children it is patient, if they are by chance by chance that they will not make a significant tome lick if.

Answer No. 12:

Pick the mongrel. She will be grateful to you for this on the coffin of her life!

Answer # 13:

Labrador removed the gene of aggression against man.

Answer # 14:

Any brought up.

Answer No. 15:

Any dog, if it was brought up andSocialized with puppyhood, will not be aggressive towards a person, even guard dogs are not inherently vicious and aggressive. Watch carefully the video of any lesson on ZKS - a dog attacks a person only with the immediate threat of an attack on the owner or only on command, otherwise the dog reacts calmly to strangers. If a dog is planted on a chain from a child and a plate of food is pushed to it with a stick - it will grow uncontrollable and aggressive. The more you work with a dog, the more adequate, obedient and kinder dog. At me at the dog works on protection, but any extraneous person can easy pat it, to children allows itself to squeeze, iron, play.

Answer # 16:

A few years ago they sold the rotavac for $ 1500,000, but he soon died.
For some reason it is believed that the most expensive puppies are from Tibetan mastiffs, but it is relative.

Answer # 17:

The red-haired good breed of the house lives and how affectionate

Answer # 18:

Dogs that will replace a best friend

Answer No. 19:

Golden retriever

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