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How to teach a dog to perform commands to lie, sit, etc.

Answer # 1:

The command to sit is one of the main commands of the general training course. Therefore, it is necessary to teach it.

The team is not difficult to train a dog,Only if you do everything right. With the help of a treat for a dog or a collar and leash (how to accustom the puppy to the leash and collar) you can teach the dog this simple team.

Recall that this team should be performed when the puppy is already three months old, there is no sense.

Delicacy in training is an integral part of the performance of any team, any complexity. Your task is to interest your dog.

If your puppy is not yet threeMonths, and you are reading this article, then you probably wonder what commands you could learn at an earlier age of the puppy. To do this, you can read a separate article, at what age should the puppy be trained.

If your puppy is already an adult, then at this stage it's time for you to think about how to train a puppy. And if we are talking about an adult dog, then I advise you to read the article on how to train a dog

How to teach a dog or a puppy to sit.

As it was said earlier, a three-month-old puppy can be well trained, so we can start learning. If your dog is older, then all the more you need to train her to this team.

The "sit" team studies well in conjunction withTeam "next" (how to teach the dog to the team next, read in a separate article). Studying the command "next", the dog should sit at the left foot, at each your stop. Therefore, you can train a dog, at first the team "sit", and you can immediately teach two teams at once in the complex.

Method one. For training you will need a treat, a collar and a leash. The dog, for example, is in a standing position, you at the same time give the command to "sit", press on the croup (the place where the dog grows its tail), and then do a slight leap with a leash upward.

If you get it and the dog sits, then praise it vigorously: "Umnichka, good dog," then give a treat.

Method two. The method is similar to the first, only when the dog took a recumbent position, you give the command to "sit" and make a jerk leash up. In this case, you no longer need to press on the croup of a dog. For the performance of praise, give a treat.

If the dog lay, and then you pulled the leash, and she got up completely, then follow the first method.

Way the third. You can entice a dog with a delicacy, and then raise a treat over her head, so that she lifts her head up and slightly back. As soon as the dog starts to sit, let the dog sit. When the dog has sat down, she deserved her delicacy, give it to the dog.

Method four. The dog itself by nature sits down too. As soon as you see that she sits down, give the command to "sit" and as soon as she sat down give her a treat, praise.
Keep an eye on the dog to sit at your left foot. At first try to work out the team, being next to the dog.

Delicacy let's then when the dog has sat down. You do not need to give her a treat, if she half-sat down, and then stood up abruptly. If she did not complete the command completely, repeat the procedure ...

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

To do this, you have to deal with the dog daily, but how to train - in Google is full of information. There's a long time to paint.

Answer # 4:

Read books, watch videos on the Internet or look for a cynologist. Several chapters from the book you will not be able to reprint here, there will not be enough symbols.

Answer # 5:

It is better to begin education from an early age, andTraining should be systematic and consistent. In order to train the dog, you will have to comprehend the basic rules, methods of training, and get familiar with common mistakes. To know how dogs remember teams, you need to understand the psychology of pets.

Answer No. 6:

The "Lying" command
Reception: Laying

Purpose of reception:
Develop a skill for the dog to perform the "Lying" command clearly.

Conditional stimuli - the command "lie" and gesture.

Unconditional stimulus - pressing the dog's withers, pulling forward paws forward, jerk leash down and somewhat forward.

Methods and technique of reception:
The dog sits on the left side of the trainer. He pronounces the command "To lie" and simultaneously presses his left hand on the withers, with his right hand takes his front paws forward. Or, taking a leash in the right hand, produces a jerk, directed down and somewhat forward with a simultaneous push to the withers.

As soon as the dog executes the command, it immediatelyAre encouraged by delicacy and the team "Good, Lying". The dog is held in this position for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Exercise is repeated after 2-3 minutes. Having obtained from the dog a clear performance on the command "lie" near the trainer with an exposure of not more than 3 minutes, go to the team's training on the gesture.

Further, when the dog will lie down on the firstTeam and gesture at a distance of a long leash, pass to working off the reception without a lead, the time of the dog's lying in the prone position is adjusted to 5 - 10 minutes, and the distance to 20-25 meters.

Skill developed if the dog from any positionOn the first command or the gesture of the trainer, located at a distance of 25 meters from her, lies without error and is in this position 15 minutes before the release team.
Write in a personal that is specifically needed.

Answer No. 7:

Find goodies for which the dog "soul will sell"))). Do not feed the animal on a schedule to offer him a piece (about 1 * 1 cm), let the dog eat it just like that. Then moving his hand where the piece with the delicacy is clamped, forcing the animal to move after him.And then give the piece.Then, To provoke the animal to sit down, to raise a piece over the animal's head and to take the hand to the tail of the dog, after the village, give the piece.Operate repetitions and patience will do wonders, after one or two lessons add the command to the voice: any "Sit", "zits" n You can only use this command always and only for the required skill.Simultaneously, the command is given by voice, the action of the hand urging the dog to sit down and immediately after the dog has sat down to give the treat! One lesson is about 40 minutes, you can continue after the break again All of them work in a similar way.

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