/ Which breed of dogs is the most dangerous?

Which breed is the most dangerous?

Answer # 1:

Anyway, any dog ​​can be dangerous forRights. There is no such breed that the most dangerous, just as well as there is no breed, that the most beautiful or clever or kind. Any puppy is a blank piece of paper on which each master draws his own. And it is from what "draws" that will be in the future. Simply each puppy of a particular breed is different from the other, just like human children differ from each other. Someone to educate is easier, someone is heavier, someone understands at once, someone after some time. It does not matter. The important thing is how much soul and responsibility a person has invested in upbringing. Each dog needs an individual approach, and if a person does not find it, then .... it just will not be able to raise a dog adequately. And that's why there are specialists, people who help the owners properly educate and train the dog. But not everyone who does not cope with upbringing wants to address them, hence the problem of "the most dangerous dogs" ...

Answer # 2:

All. If not properly raised :)

Answer # 3:

Doggie: D

Answer # 4:

Toy Terrier

Answer # 5:

The one whose owner is a moron

Answer No. 6:

Pitbulli, bull terriers ... and there are little ones, you can get in the leg, you'll tear off the fig)))

Answer No. 7:

Wolf cubes

Answer No. 8:

Noblemen according to statistics most often bite others. Plus I saw data from 2000 to 2007 for Europe and there was a second place occupied by the German Shepherd (about 700 attacks a year) but the pitbulls were on the list I do not remember under what number but the number of attacks was only 7. so that he himself) well, in general It depends on the person who will be the dog.

Answer No. 9:

Pitbull, doberman, bull terriers. Well, there are also wolf cubs, but they are very rare and the probability of meeting them is zero. And so the Pitbull of course in the top! This creature is even advised after a certain age to put to sleep, since they cuckoo to rip out from scratch can

Answer No. 10:

At which the owner is moron.

Answer No. 11:


Answer No. 12:

Are you for the purpose of acquiring?

Answer # 13:

There are no dangerous breeds of dog breeds. There are separate dogs dangerous, but this is usually not for smart owners ..

Answer # 14:

Phakh is clever, they have a dangerous pit bull.
The officers are first and foremost dangerous without proper education, since they work in human blood.

Answer No. 15:

Depends on the owner as he will bring up

Answer # 16:

The most dangerous are not brought up! And it does not matter whether a thoroughbred dog or not

Answer # 17:

Dachshund, chihuahua

Answer # 18:

All are dangerous if you do not train them

Answer No. 19:

Chow-chow. Furry worm :)

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