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What is better a dog or a cat

Answer # 1:

Every man to his own taste!
Well, in general, they are different by themselves, a dog is faithful, a man's friend, and the cat is affectionate. It's not the same for everybody.

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Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

The dog is smarter, but with the cat less trouble)

Answer # 5:

I now have a chihuah, the middle between a dog and a cat) affectionate

Answer No. 6:


Answer No. 7:

Better than?

Answer No. 8:

What is better borscht or soup? Red or black? Winter or summer? THESE TWO ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT CREATURES - to protect the yard is better than a dog, and for catching mice - a cat.

Answer No. 9:

For me, definitely dogs. And not "what", but "who"!

Answer No. 10:

Personally for me, cats or cats, they are cuties
And there are fewer problems)

Answer No. 11:

Cats in themselves, and with the dog it is necessary to take a walk, play

Answer No. 12:

I'm a dog too.

Answer # 13:

What you like, though a zebra.
With a cat in the apartment of worries, fewer problems at times.

Answer # 14:

A cat is a soft dog. The cat is the queen of the servants dog. A cat is a homeward dog. It's good when both live in the house.

Answer No. 15:


Answer # 16:

Firstly, not what, but who. And in the second they are completely different animals, the same thing if I compare a rat and a horse. But definitely for me it's better-a dog

Answer # 17:

It depends. For me - a cat.

Answer # 18:

Cat. A dog is a slave animal. I do not like sycophants.

Answer No. 19:

Cat. Dogs can do this. Http://www.1tv.ru/news/social/279672 https://www.chita.ru/news/69423/?pg=4

Answer # 20:

Cats and dogs are completely different animals. Pros and cons of each his.

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