/ / Which dog is better to buy, not much larger, but not too small. Whatever was evil.

Which dog is better to buy, not much larger, but not too small. Whatever was evil.

Answer # 1:

I have MOSSIC. Very cool breed. Not evil barking, very fond of children. The price is from 10000 and more.
On the nature of Pugs you can hear different opinions. Some owners consider them passive creatures, sparingly expressing their emotions, others call them moving and playful. Most likely, in such a discrepancy of opinions, the appearance of pugs is to blame. Looking at them, you might think that these are passive creatures, who love to lie down and eat various delicious dishes. Therefore, the active pug seems to masters an anomaly.

In fact, most of the breed's representatives,Are characterized by sufficient vigor and playfulness, especially at a young age, up to 2-3 years. Then the dogs become more calm and rational. But do not think that if you get a pug, it's guaranteed to avoid problems such as running around fast at home and ruining everything on your way. There are also born intellectuals among the pugs who will not disturb the peace of your home and will be in a decent state for almost the entire day in the place assigned to them, but this group of dogs is not so numerous. Most pugs are moderately mobile and active, they like to play typical dog games, and most importantly, they adore taking part in all the affairs of the owner.

Pugs are not aggressive or timid, moreMoreover, these shortcomings are a serious obstacle to the exhibition career. They are friendly dogs, getting along well with other animals. Pugs become friends with cats, and can even share with them one sofa for two, if they grew up together from childhood.

To children, pugs are, if not trembling, thenQuietly. You can not demand excessive playfulness from a pug if you think that the pug will actively participate in all children's entertainments, for example, to ride a bicycle or play tirelessly catching up, you will be disappointed. Pug has physical strength and temperament, but he will not be such an eternal engine, like some other breeds. But it is interesting for children to watch pugs that can play real performances, entertaining others with their movements, original expression of the muzzle and unusual sounds resembling groaning and snoring.

Valentino and pugs Pigs are not justDecorative dogs. They consider it their duty to warn the owner of the danger. Therefore, pugs often react to the appearance of suspicious noise outside the door and act as a bell. Even if the pug calmly sleeps on your hands, in a second it can already bark under the door, warning of the approach of unexpected visitors.

For some it may seem that pugs likeChinese philosophers are devoid of emotionality. But this is not so, they can express a stormy joy at the meeting with the owner, and in general they like to be petted and worked with them. Even the combing of their silk, they perceive calmly, evaluating it as a token of attention.

Pugs differ in mind and ingenuity, in whatNo one will doubt, looking into their huge eyes. But they are characterized by a manifestation of stubbornness, when they, for reasons unknown to the owner, refuse to execute commands and may even take offense at trying to force themselves to do something. Self-esteem especially develops with age. Adult pugs are very difficult to force to learn something new, and they are reluctant to work out old skills.

But pugs are very loyal and love companyRights. They worry if they have to spend a lot of time in an empty apartment, feel abandoned and offended. But when the owner is near, they are ready to follow him as small devotees and obedient tails. So if you need a companion dog that loves the calm rhythm of life, then the pug is your breed.

Celebrities, who lived pugs: Chaliapin, Voltaire, Queen Maria Antoinette and Victoria, Marquise Pompadour, fashion designer Valentino, Daria Dontsova.
Care and maintenance
In addition to standard care rules

Answer # 2:

Evil dogs do not happen, they are ill-bred.

Answer # 3:

There are no evil dogs, there are masters of dibilia.

Answer # 4:

Spaniel, pug, labrador

Answer # 5:

Toy-like size. With so many gemmoroy alive! Read about upbringing, training, dog behavior, psychology. Too much bukAff. And to educate, train a puppy alive. Oh, my dear mother! Puppies they're all sharp-edged monsters! With joy and pleasure they dig into their tender master's flesh with their milk teeth!

Answer No. 6:

Buy yourself a husky, or husky, and generally pick up a mongrel
They are even better than purebreds

Answer No. 7:


Country of Origin: Canada

Height: 56 - 61 cm (male); 53- 58 cm (female)

Weight: 27 - 36 kg (male); 25 -32 kg (female)

Content in the apartment: suitable, but needs sufficient physical activity

Lifespan: 10 to 13 years

Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Character Labradors

Labradors retrievers are reliable and patient dogs. Most of all they love activity and attention. They are always ready for a walk and endless game.

These dogs are easy to learn. They are patient and obedient in nature.

At home these dogs play with children and other animals with pleasure and love to participate in family events.

Labradors, as a rule, are very bored when theirLeave the house alone for a long time. Unearned energy and lack of sufficient attention lead to apathy and destructive behavior in the dog.

Happiness for a Labrador is a large amountTraffic and outdoor games. Ideally, when such a dog lives in a country house, while maintaining an apartment, Labrador needs regular long walks or visits to the park.

From dogs of this breed, beautifulPets for the family, which makes them very popular, however they can not be a simple test for inexperienced dog owners who do not know how to handle large, active dogs, such as Labradors.

Despite the fact that Labradors are very intelligent dogs,They often have a reputation for "fools" in the canine world for their spontaneity and hyperactivity. In addition, these dogs remain mentally immature during the first three years of their life, which exacerbates the problem of their excessive friendliness significantly. Careful preparation can teach these intelligent dogs, think twice about their actions.

These dogs get along fine with children, but you shouldBe careful, letting young children play with them. Despite the fact that the Labrador never harms the child consciously, they can overturn a small child during the game inadvertently. It is better not to allow young children to play with dogs unattended if the labrador is not well trained or has not yet come out of puppyhood.

Anyone who tries to use LabradorRetriever as a security guard is likely to be disappointed. Despite the fact that this dog can bark loudly and loudly in some situations, it is too friendly and not too aggressive in order to be an effective guard of property or to frighten strangers.



English Cocker Spaniel

Answer No. 8:

German Shepherd. But it all depends on how you will be engaged. For example, bull terrier is considered an evil dog. When I went out into the street, the bull terrier with the owner on the leash did not jerk calmly. So it all depends on you

Answer No. 9:

Spaniel or setter

Answer No. 10:

Of course the dachshund! A wonderful companion and a true friend :) a lovely breed. Warm tummy, soft ears and love in the eyes

Answer No. 11:


Answer No. 12:

Beagle the best breed
Not small and not big
Suitable for family
This is mine) on the photo

Answer # 13:

There are no evil dogs, and if you want a small one, then pay either a fee, or that terrier, or there is a lot of a dog.

Answer # 14:

Bull Terrier (SHCHU). Dwarf Doberman

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