/ How to train a puppy? I had a German Shepherd puppy. How to train a puppy, you need a photo lesson, not a video lesson.

How to train a puppy? I had a German Shepherd puppy. How to train a puppy, you need a photo lesson, not a video lesson.

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First you can and train yourself, and then you need a cynologist and a special. Courses for dogs.
Video tutorial: http://uchisonline.ru/dressirovka-nemeckoj-ovcharki-video-urok/
During this period the pups are accustomed to the master and the membersHis family, feeding, his place, cleaning and washing, cleanliness, nickname, harness and leash, approach to the owner ("To me" team), departure from the owner ("Gulyai" team), stopping of undesirable actions ("Fu" team) , Games with the master and peers, stimuli of the external environment (walks).
Puppies of this age are easily producedPositive skills associated with any activity, and it is difficult to develop skills based on inhibitory reactions. To develop the necessary skills, they widely use food (delicacy).
It is important to have the most contactWas established between the puppy and its owner. This is the key to successful education of the puppy and effective initial training. Therefore, the main job of keeping the puppy should be performed by its owner, and the rest of the family members can be involved in caring for the puppy only in cases of extreme necessity (host disease, etc.).
That rest and after the command "Place" put onMat, repeat the "Place" command and stroke. At first the puppy, as a rule, will try to rise and run away. In such a case, while holding the puppy on the litter, repeat the "Place" command, stroke it and, as soon as it settles down, encourage it with exclamation "Good", stroking and delicacy, then move away. If the puppy falls asleep, on this exercise finish, if he soon leaves his place and tries to lie down somewhere else, the anticipation should be repeated. During the day, repeat the exercise 3-4 times.
By this technique, teach the puppy to leave onTeam "Place" in cases if he during the reception of food people will beg, or during the cleaning of the apartment will chase a broom, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Bear in mind, puppies are relatively easy to accustom toThe execution of the "Place" command, when he is full or tired, and much more difficult when he is excited by the smell of food at the table or moving on the floor with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. In the first case, skills are easily developed already in young, 1-2-month-old puppies, and in the second - in puppies that have reached 3-4 months of age and older.
It is especially important to develop a puppy's abilityImmediately react to the nickname when he is distracted by something, such as toys, bone dying, bird watching, etc. To do this, wait for each puppy feeding and, when he pays attention to it, put a feeder with food and feed it. Do not forget to repeat the nickname during feeding 1-2 times.
After the puppy begins to react to hisNickname, for the consolidation of the developed skill, encourage the puppy daily by stroking and delicacy whenever he will pay attention to the nickname you have pronounced, but gradually reduce the number of rewards. In the future, to encourage, especially delicacy, resort occasionally, as a rule, in the event that the puppy ceases to clearly and reliably react to his nickname.

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On YouTube you can see a lot of videos on the training of dogs.

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You can show it to the dog singer. Or get in Google: step by step the team "..." with the photo.
Wait ... you have the same month puppy! Early

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There was a puppy?

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In any book on training there are pictures or photos.

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Here, one of the photo lessons: (continued http://justdogs.ru/infographic/)

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With this breed you need not that video and photo lessons. But a real playground

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