/ / Who is better than a dog or a cat ???

Who is better than a dog or cat ??

Answer # 1:

Both options are good!
But, I like dogs more, I will never trade a dog for another living creature :))))

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Answer # 4:

Dogs are smarter, and cats are affectionate.

Answer # 5:

Which is better: arm or leg?

Answer No. 6:

You need cats only when they want to eat.

There are even own life examples.

Answer No. 7:


Answer No. 8:

Dogs are obtrusive and you have to walk with them in any weather and in the morning on the day off too, and cats everywhere climb and all tear. The answer is that all are good for an amateur.

Answer No. 9:

Both are good animals, you can not choose the best)) I like both))

Answer No. 10:

Fishes: they are silent, shoes do not gnaw, wallpaper and furniture do not tear, do not squeeze and do not shave in the corners ...)))

Answer No. 11:


Answer No. 12:

There is no unambiguous answer. Someone likes cats, and somebody dogs. Despite the fact that I like cats more when I remember my dog, I understand that it is not more faithful.

Answer # 13:

A dog is a man's friend.
A cat is a friend of the soul.
Cats are better, of course.

Answer # 14:

I can not answer now - the cat looks at me, it will offend yet, God forbid ....

Answer No. 15:

Whatever one may say, dogs are devoted animals. And therefore closer to man.
Cats are more wild creatures.

Answer # 16:

For me only kitty

Answer # 17:


Answer # 18:

All good!

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