/ / What is better than a dog or a cat?

What is better a dog or a cat?

Answer # 1:

Cat. Dogs can do this. Http://www.1tv.ru/news/social/279672 https://www.chita.ru/news/69423/?pg=4

Answer # 2:

Cat) 0 with her walk inappropriately)

Answer # 3:

Pork is better or beef

Answer # 4:

Both the dog and the cat are good)

Answer # 5:

Answer No. 6:

Hedgehog. It's not the same for everybody. By what criteria do you select?

Answer No. 7:


Answer No. 8:

For me, a cat) is small, domestic, fluffy)

Answer No. 9:

You decide, and then start the animal, that's how the belly is thrown out onto the street

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

Not what, but who. For me, a dog.

Answer No. 12:

For me, a dog!

I also like cats :)

Answer # 13:

A dog with her can walk.

Answer # 14:

I have the one and the one) both are cool)))

Answer No. 15:

Both) I have cats and dogs.

Answer # 16:

For me, the dog

Answer # 17:

Dog!! The dog is man's best friend !!!))))

Answer # 18:

Better them both - this is the creature:

Answer No. 19:

It depends

Answer # 20:

To each his own, for someone, a cat is better, but someone loves dogs.
I am a 100% doggirl, but there is also a cat in the house, though one. And there are six dogs.

Answer # 21:


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