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Who is better than a dog or a cat?

Answer # 1:

Absolutely different animals.
Dogs even small obey the master,
Kitties and cats are also freedom-loving and willful.

Answer # 2:

I'm not a zoophile

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Ferret or hamster

Answer # 5:

All animals are best, but in different countries. I personally prefer dogs for myself

Answer No. 6:

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Answer No. 7:

It's like asking a child: "Who do you love more, Mom or Dad?". For some, a cat is better, for someone a dog. I, for example, love more dogs, to cats is cool.
Also cats are more independent, dogs need to communicate with a person.

Answer No. 8:

Dogs will be better, but they have to walk around, bark at the doorstep, wreck the house ... and cats. Wool is everywhere, yelling at the door to let in or out, they look at the package with food, shit and sits anywhere, yelling at home

Answer No. 9:

To each his own-someone who likes cats ... and commute dogs

Answer No. 10:

Whom you want.

Answer No. 11:

Cats. This is the only animal about which nothing is written in the Bible. It has healing properties (her body). And it will help with the problem of "Mouse". And her must always walk. But: the cat must give birth at least once.
The dog is not very. Benefits are few. We must walk. And bites. But you can play with it. Although with a cat, too)))

Answer No. 12:

Dogs are smarter!

Answer # 13:

With cats easier, but not with everyone, dogs are smarter and more devoted, but not all.
It all depends on education

Answer # 14:

I think. That puppies with a kitten, as when they grow up, they can make friends))) but everyone has their own opinion if you prefer that you have a warm soft pillow on your knees and purred then the cat if you want to play more jogging and then his (dog) Praise, then dog

Answer No. 15:

The dog is a man's best friend, well Potuda's drezerovka, very clever (naya).
Cat is fluffy, beautiful, affectionate.

Answer # 16:

I think the dog is a friend of man. And cats also do not prefer dogs. I love dogs and my friend is a cat. He once and loved dogs who love dogs like, please really need

Answer # 17:

For me, it's better of course a dog. Dogs brought up smart and always obey the master (unless of course the dog does not spoil and properly educate). And cats, they are on their own, There is nothing more to say about them I can not.

Answer # 18:

In general, this is a completely different animal is someone I like more like dogs more

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