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Which breed of dogs is easier to train teams.

Answer # 1:

All dogs are trained!

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Do not believe it, almost any, if you want.

Answer # 4:

Yes, almost any can.

Answer # 5:

The right approach and understanding of the case, any dog ​​is trained very easily.

Answer No. 6:

Sheepdogs - VEO, BUT, Malinois, Tervuren, Doberman, Rottweiler, Border Collie, Shetty, Russian Terrier, Poodle, Spitz, Bosseron, etc. (but they are the most intelligent).

Answer No. 7:

Border Collie. The leader of the "hit parade". Representatives of this breed are swift, energetic, friendly, understandable and even perceptive. They like to work, serve people, but they always need mental and physical loads. It is a pleasure to train such dogs, however, it is better not to start new breeds.

Poodle. These cute curly fuzzy, it turns out, are not only adorable, but also attentive, intelligent and active. Their high learning ability is visible in those areas where you can meet a poodle. Representatives of this breed are recognized stars of circus performances, as well as hunters, defenders and rescuers.

German Shepherd. The intelligence and learning ability of these dogs are widely known. Not for nothing that from them excellent guards, helpers and comrades turn out. They are relatively easy to change the owner, which is convenient when working in the police.

Golden retriever. This breed is distinguished by friendliness, kind attitude towards children, quick and easy learning, boundless patience. They are distinguished by calmness and "taciturnity" (they rarely bark), therefore they do not suit the role of guard dogs. But hunters from them are excellent.

Doberman. This breed was bred for protection and attack. Its representatives must be trained, otherwise they will become uncontrollable, which is quite dangerous. These are active dogs with an amazing sense. Any photo of a Doberman shows his physical strength, which the master must tame and subdue.

Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdogs). Their ancestors helped people graze sheep, and now sheltie live with their masters in the cities, differ devotion and ability to stand up for protection. These are affectionate dogs, adoring their masters, but wary of outsiders.

Papillon. Another name for this breed is the continental toy spaniel. In the photo, the papillions look unusually nice, but their appearance is not the only advantage. Representatives of this breed are excellent in training and participate in many sports competitions.
Trained and trained Rottweiler. Representatives of this breed are reliable defenders, loyal friends and helpers. They are hardy, energetic, serious and brave. They tend to obey only one master.

Australian Shepherd (Aussie). This breed was bred specifically to help a man graze herds of sheep. These are easily trained dogs, they understand their owners literally from a half-word, unquestioningly obey them. However, the Aussies are too active and "talkative".

Answer No. 8:

Any breed and not a breed is able to perfectly master the general course

Answer No. 9:

It's easier not to start it, if you are looking for easy ways. It's like a child

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