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Why does the dog howl? What a sign?

Answer # 1:

The dog is bored, the dog is going through. And nothing more.

Answer # 2:

Hhahaha, right now in 2016 in signs to believe.

Answer # 3:

Someone will die

Answer # 4:

To the deceased. That's what they say.

Answer # 5:

Ordinary dog ​​... and should do

Answer No. 6:

To the deceased

Answer No. 7:

Do not believe in omens. All bullshit.

Answer No. 8:

Someone will die

Answer No. 9:

It's a dog. They often just howl

Answer No. 10:

Delirium is, and not an omen, and dogs have a lot of reasons to raise

Answer No. 11:

He wants to.

Answer No. 12:

Yes, just wants to communicate. Signs - nonsense.

Answer # 13:

I do not believe in signs. My dogs never howled.

Answer # 14:

Delirium these signs.

Answer No. 15:

Fallen, I thought that only grandmothers believe it. In the courtyard of the 21st century ...

Answer # 16:

This sign means that she still does not know how to communicate through the Internet and is forced to tear her throat.

Answer # 17:

Now (not so often) at night the house-dog-foundling howls at night. Two
Year waited for her master. I did not come for her.
And now, if I hear her howling at night-I throw a bone-specially from the window
Bought for her. Calms down.

Answer # 18:

My males howl when one of the bitches flows, but they do not get it. The magic pendle quickly puts the brain back in place and the vocalisms stop.
One comrade howls when the alarm goes off -Sings, a pancake, kobzon unfinished. With him it is impossible to oversleep - I get up not only I, but all the neighbors. So the reflex was developed to turn off the alarm at the first sound, the kobzon did not sing
Well, if boring or anxious, many dogs howl this express

Answer No. 19:

From boredom from loneliness from hunger from cold

Answer # 20:

There is a good anecdote in the subject.
- A woman, your child yells and does not stop! What does he need? Maybe he wants to drink? Or wants to sleep?
- He wants to yell.

Here and with dogs so. Each one has a thousand and one reasons to raise. Including - just because you want.

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