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Insect bites for dogs - how dangerous they are

Absolute majority of owners of domestic dogsThey do not represent their trip to nature, to the forest, to the country without their pet. However, in addition to physical warm-up, games and other joys, such a holiday can bring serious problems to the owner of the dog. And also bring trouble to the pet. It is not just about annoying fleas, but also about more serious insects, a clash with which is almost inevitable outside the home.

In this regard, the owner of a well-bred dog is seriousBreeds can carry a little more: such dogs often go out into the street in muzzles. Less fortunate owners of pocket dogs and dogs of small playful breeds. These animals often strive to play with any moving object and try it on the tooth.

The most dangerous insect bites for dogs

A bee sting for a dog

Pretty unpleasant, but the least dangerous is a collision of a domestic dog With bees. A single bee sting is not so dangerous, althoughQuite unpleasant for a dog. The danger is a bite in the muzzle, especially if there are several such bites and if a small dog was bitten. In this case, the owner must observe the pet during the day. An alarm signal is considered edema in the area of ​​the nose, eyes, neck, rapid breathing. If the dog shows no concern, then the problem can be considered solved.

Much more dangerous for a dog can be a meeting With wasps, Since the sting of these insects does not have a notch andThe poison is completely transmitted to the bitten animal. In the case of a bite, one should carefully check the skin and coat of the animal, remove the sting from the wound, rinse with cool water. In the future, do not let the dog scratch the bite. Hornets, similar to the coloring of bees and wasps, rarely bite animals.

Insect bites for dogs

Mosquitoes, horseflies And similar insects are dangerousOnly for those animals that have the strongest allergic reaction to the saliva of the insect, which is quite rare. In other cases, the bite carries just minor unpleasant symptoms: itching and slight reddening of the affected area of ​​the skin.

Spiders, Whose bites could adversely affect the health of the dog, there are not so many in our area. The danger for the dog is Bite of a female hermit spider. After biting, the animals are notedInsignificant inflammatory reaction, with time increasing. The place of the bite becomes pale, and outside of it the skin turns red. Unfortunately, under the cover of wool, it is not always possible to notice these phenomena on time. The owner should be alerted by excessive salivation in the animal, unusual behavior, fever, difficulty breathing. In this case, you urgently need to take the pet to the veterinary clinic and introduce an antidote. As a rule, within 2 hours the medicine has a positive effect.

Insect bites for dogs - tickTicks Represent a serious danger to dogs. There are practically no poisonous ticks in our area. Dangerous are not themselves Insect bites for dogs, and diseases, Which he can transmit by bite. Ticks live most often on branches of bushes, in high grass, so after walking in appropriate places you need to carefully inspect the animal. If a squeezed tick is found on the skin, it is necessary to extract it as soon as possible on its own or by resorting to the help of a veterinarian. In the future, when planning a walk in nature, it is necessary to lubricate the dog's hair with special means or wear a protective collar.

Bite Midges and ants Itself is not dangerous. The problem is that this bite, especially if it was repeated, leaves small itchy wounds on the animal's body, into which infection can easily penetrate. Therefore, noticing that the dog constantly combs the skin, you need to carefully inspect it and burn the markets with green or hydrogen peroxide. This measure somewhat reduces the itching and disinfects the wound.

Dogs can try a caterpillar for a tooth

Caterpillars Are considered quite calm insects and notRepresent dangers to humans and animals. However, some inquisitive dogs can try a caterpillar for a tooth. In this case, a small danger is represented by caterpillars whose color has a bright color. Bright pigments in its color may contain poison, which in small amounts can provoke problems with the intestines and stomach.

Ordinary Fleas Are quite frequent companions of animals,Who are on the nature. Their bites are not dangerous, although they give unpleasant symptoms to four-legged friends. To effectively combat these insects, you need to use special sprays or shampoos.

In veterinary practice there is an opinion that even one Collision with a poisonous insect Lays the imprint on the dog's memory andFurther discourages all desire to attempt all creeping and buzzing. For the same reason, a dog can start to get frightened of a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, toys that make similar sounds.

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