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Protecting the dog from a tick bite: a drop or a collar?

Preparing for the season of ticks: How to protect the animal from dangerous diseases We preserve the health of the pet on a walk

Cold gradually recede, until spring remainsQuite a bit of time, and the anticipation of warmth is felt every day. Dogs expect the onset of summer, even with great anticipation, than people, because ahead of long walks, fluffy greens, bright butterflies and soft earth under the paws. Some pets will be lucky doubly: with the end of winter, the owners will move to the dacha and allow the pet to walk for days, alternating rest on the site with hikes to the river and into the forest.

Long walks and trips outside the city are useful forDogs, but can carry a serious danger. The main problem, relevant both in the city and in nature - ticks that carry deadly diseases. Unfortunately, not always after a bite of a parasite the doctor has time to help a dog - the causative agents of some diseases promptly invade the animal's body, which can lead to its death. To avoid unnecessary risk from the tick bite, care must be taken to protect the animal before the activity of these dangerous parasites begins.

The choice of a means for dogs depends to a large extent on theDuration and frequency of stay of an animal on the street, nature. The optimal option for dogs that regularly go with their owners to the dacha, often walk in the woods, like to swim in ponds, - a collar Foresto®. This is a unique insectoacaricide that continuously protects the pet from the bites of dangerous parasites up to 8 months. Thanks to the innovative collar base, the active components are gradually distributed in the lipid layer of the animal throughout the entire period of use. If your pet prefers suburban walks to city parks and rarely comes into contact with water, Advantix® drops, which must be applied once a month, are suitable for protection.

Vera Antonova, the doctor of the veterinary clinic "Center" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard:

"Each owner would like to have a way of protectingA pet from ticks, equally convenient and effective under different conditions of keeping and walking a dog. Modern means correspond to the wishes of caring owners. Protection for the entire season of activity of mites and insects will be able to provide a collar Foresto®, which continuously operates for up to 8 months. Thanks to the repellent effect, the collar does not allow the parasites to bite the animal. An additional advantage is a complete lack of odor, which is important for hunting dogs and families with young children. Forestet® collar is water resistant, so you can not be afraid of frequent pet bathing. "

Many owners of animals are mistaken,That domestic dogs, rarely on the street, protection from ticks and insects are not required. The probability of a parasite bite, and therefore of infection with dangerous diseases - pyroplasmosis, erlichiosis, anaplasmosis - remains high even in urban conditions. For dogs, rarely in nature, monthly protection with drops on the withers of Advantix® is suitable.

Advantix® also has a repellent effect and does not allow mites and insects to bite the animal, which means transferring dangerous diseases.

It is important already in early March to begin processingAnimal and hold it until the end of October. Love for a pet means, first of all, a great responsibility. Whichever breed, size or habit of walking is the animal, the owner is obliged to take care of protecting the dog from any dangers, in the first place - from tick bites. Correctly selected insectoacaricidal drugs will help provide the pet with a long, happy and emotion-filled life without disease. "

There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions.

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