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Excess weight in dogs - what is the danger

In dogs, as well as in other animals and humans,Excess weight exerts additional pressure and stress on all organs. Excess kilograms can cause various ailments and can even bring the animal to death. Any owner of a pet should not forget about it.

Consider the common diseases that are a consequence of obesity.


Because of excess weight, dogs often sufferThis disease. With excessive weight, the glucose level becomes too high, and the body begins to produce insulin in a large amount as a response.

When pancreas cells are overloaded, they die, and insulin ceases to be produced. Diabetes begins to progress.

Diseases of the bone system

Scientifically proven that about twenty-fivePercent of all dogs with excess weight have serious problems with joints. Dogs love movement, and for this, the coordinated work of the entire bone system and muscle corset is needed.

When an animal wears extra pounds,It starts to ache. Arthritis and other diseases of bones and joints develop. Strong pressure on joints due to high weight also leads to the destruction of ligaments. Thanks to the ligaments, the bones in the joints are firmly held together next to each other.

Heart diseases

Dogs are very similar to humans. And the fact that because of weight they suffer from hypertension is no exception.

The cardiac load increases, because the heart has to pump more blood. As a consequence, the risk of chronic heart disease increases.

Malfunctioning of the respiratory system

As you know, a dog with overweight suffersFrom malfunctioning of the lungs. The fat layer in the thoracic region does not allow the lungs to expand at full strength, and the fat layer on the abdomen puts pressure on the diaphragm.

The situation is getting worse, because too much tissue also needs oxygen.

Low resistance of the body

In obese dogs, vital energyAnd strength is rapidly depleted. Carrying yourself overweight is not easy. All organs, joints and muscles work with increased load, with a load for which they are not designed.

Deterioration of liver function

The liver stores fat in itself. The consequence of the fact that the dog has excessive kilograms is that excess fat accumulates in the liver. Such a disease is called hepatic lipidosis. This disease causes a decrease in the work of the liver and its functions.

Animal's reaction to anesthesia and surgery

If a dog with obesity suddenly needs helpDoctor surgeon, then anesthesia can provoke heart failure. Fat has the property of accumulating many components of anesthesia, so the animal will recover longer after anesthesia.

Many anesthetics are split in the liver. A liver with a lot of fat badly breaks down such substances, and they accumulate in the body.

A large number of fatty tissues complicatesProcess of surgeon intervention. If the dog suddenly needs an operation on some organ, because of the fat, it will be difficult for the doctor to get to the organ, he will interfere. The operation goes from simple to complex and lengthy, which also leads to additional risks in anesthesia.

Problems of the reproductive system and digestive system

Excess weight also affects the appearance of the offspring of a dog. Often, such dogs require the help of a doctor or even an operation for a caesarean section.

In dogs with obesity, with a greaterThe probability of constipation, accumulates gas in the intestine, there is a phenomenon such as flatulence. This can cause discomfort to both the animal and its owner.

Low immunity

Dogs suffering from excess weight, are most often exposed to attacks of various viruses, bacteria and infections due to low immunity immunity.

Diseases such as canine plague and salmonellosis in dog patients are much more difficult and can leave consequences.

Decreased life expectancy

It is not a secret for anyone that a dog withOverweight is harder to lead your usual lifestyle: play, move around and sometimes even breathe. Because of extra pounds, the animal suffers from discomfort and pain, which makes it more irritable and angry. Obesity is a disease, and, as is known, sick dogs, and people, live less healthy.

Observe the health of your pets, both forIts own. Do not let them eat harmful food, abuse its amount. Take it seriously and do not show weakness. A dog is a person's friend, and it will be better for everyone if these friends are always near you.

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