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Dog trainer, The first meeting with the trainer

The first meeting with the trainer is an importantA test of the nature of the animal. Therefore, we recommend that dogs be trained one at a time, choosing for this a fairly large space, possibly remote from crowded places. Many schools prefer to train several dogs at the same time at the first lessons, using the property of animals, like the propensity to imitate.

The trainer walks among the dogs, swingingRag and less warlike among them, watching the behavior of their braver comrades, also begin to react aggressively to the stimulus. However, this technique has its opposite side. In this case, we can not get an accurate idea of ​​the properties of the character of each particular dog. Therefore, we recommend that dogs be trained one at a time. At least during the first one or two classes.

Subsequently, if there is a need, you canTo conduct several collective exercises, but not too much, since the dog must learn to cope with the difficult situation independently without moral support from the comrades. But at the initial stage of training it is necessary to keep the dog on a short leash, holding it in the left hand, but so that the end loop of the leash is thrown over the right wrist.

Do not touch the dogs, unless,To briefly caress her for the purpose of encouragement and in no case should she push her towards the trainer. On the contrary, it should be kept slightly, as this will increase its aggressiveness. If you want, you can give a command. For example, "Forward!" Or "Fas!" In a firm voice, but without shouting, without fuss, so as not to frighten and embarrass the dog.

The trainer at this first stage keeps the boundariesSecurity, crossing it in one way or another, depending on the reaction of the dog. Using a rag as a tool of threat, the trainer freezes with every aggressive attack from the dog's side, so that she thinks that he is afraid of her and thus gained greater self-confidence.

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