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Errors in the training of protective skills in dogs

To errors that should not be in any wayAdmitting the trainer and his assistants include the following: You can not enter suddenly and without warning to the security zone, stay outside of it too long, take too provocative poses, cause pain to the dog. Any of these mistakes can hopelessly ruin the whole work from the first lesson. Therefore, we emphasize once again the need to attract a truly experienced trainer.

And now let's call the possible reactions of the dog andAppropriate action on the part of the trainer. If the dog continues to run away whenever the trainer appears in the security zone, the dog must stop paying attention to it and enter into an improvised fight with the owner. Both should, as accurately as possible, imitate a real fight without committing such serious errors as laughter, which can finally confuse the dog.

In general, during the whole class,To remain serious, even if the situation is really comical. When a dog sees that its master is attacked and it desperately fights - it almost always causes her to react aggressively, especially if she does not feel threatened to herself. Her reaction can be an ordinary barking and in this case the trainer must turn to the dog, holding out a rag to her. If the dog grabs it, then you can move on to the next exercise. If the dog is frightened, the trainer must continue fighting with the master.

When, finally, the dog clamps the rag with his teeth,The trainer enters into a short struggle with her, in fact consisting of the game "Who will overtake whom" the dog should win. The trainer gives her a rag and, portraying fear, runs away. After that, the owner should thoroughly praise the dog and start playing with her or make her perform an exercise that she especially likes. On this the working day is considered complete. At the initial stage of training, if the dog's reactions are still sluggish or zero, do not make several imitations of the attack on the same day.

Between such exercises, twoDay so that the dog gradually accumulates aggressiveness. If the dog reacts properly from the very beginning, that is, at once the rag is definitely enough, go to the exercise "Struggle", which consists in the fact that the trainer drops the rag on the ground, waits for the dog to grab it, and then tries to wrest the rag From her teeth. As in the previous example, the dog must come out victorious. If the dog demonstrates a good fighting reaction, an exercise with an attack can be performed daily.

When a dog learns to grab confidently andTo let out from a teeth the developed rag, it is necessary to begin exercise with a rag, wrapped in a tube. Before you start the exercise with a sleeve, you need to practice on the so-called sausage. This is about the same exercise as in the case of a rag folded into a tube. However, since the sausage is much more dense, the dog has to grasp its molars, and not the incisors, like a rag.

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