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Training dogs, exercise track track

To teach a dog to find a hidden object,And this exercise is part of a working exam, you will need a track or a rope long, at least 10 meters. Binding the dog to a tree or peg, show her her favorite toy, to which the cord should be attached in advance. Then we start to move away from the dog in a straight line, dragging the toy behind it.

We will pass approximately 50 meters, from time to timeStopping to pick up the toy and show it to the dog. Do not pay attention to her howling, whining and trying to get rid of the leash. After reaching the end of the track, put the toy on the ground, and in such a place that it was hidden from the look of the dog. Then we will return to the dog exactly along the same path as before. We take the dog on the leash and tell her "Look!". Even if the dog does not know this team, it will rush to find the toy, realizing that it lies somewhere on the ground.

Almost certainly she will hold her head highHope to see a toy. But since the dogs are pretty short-sighted, she will not be able to see anything and will have to rely on her best weapon - the sense of smell. When she will bend her nose to the ground, we will show her admiration and encourage her with exclamations: "Good", "Good". When she lifts her head, give her a mean command: "Look!". As soon as the dog finds a toy, warmly congratulate her on this, let her play, award her with sweets and caresses.

At the heart of dog training is to find the subject bySmell is a simple principle - do not spare the time and have enough patience. The subsequent steps consist in a gradual increase in the length of the track and in the exclusion of such a stage as drawing a toy. We will confine ourselves to keeping it in our hand. In the future, we complicate the exercise by adding another toy. Hearing the command "Seek!" After the first toy is already found the dog will not stop for a long time in perplexity. But already knowing the meaning of this team, she will not slow down to take the trail again and will soon find the second toy.

Then we begin to complicate the search route by turns. At first it should be a single turn at an obtuse angle. In the course of subsequent lessons, we will reduce the angle of rotation until it becomes straight. Finally, add a second, and then a third rotation and start increasing the time until the search begins. All changes should be introduced gradually and without haste. Change the start time of the search, for example, should be increased no more than 5-6 minutes at a time. Having found the object, the dog must notify the owner about it. In this case, it can be used in several ways.

Some dogs import the object, othersSignal about this, dying near him in the rack or taking a sitting or lying position. The method chosen by the dog depends solely on its habit of one or another exercise, and therefore, in the rules of the working examination, the methods of communicating to the master about finding the object are not regulated. In conclusion, we will give several useful recommendations that will help you avoid annoying misunderstandings during the exercises for smell search. One of them is not to undertake such exercises in windy weather.

Rain will not hurt, but the wind can ruin everything. Especially if the dog is not yet experienced. It is also very important to choose the right terrain so that there are as few bushes, trees and other objects on it. Ideally, the first exercise should be conducted in a field or in a meadow where there are few people. It is possible that in the course of searching for an ideal locality, you will have to travel fairly. But patience and perseverance combined with a small fraction of self-sacrifice, in the end, will reward the owner of the dog with a sense of great satisfaction.

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