/ Do dogs need winter clothes?

Do dogs need winter clothes?

Irina, Moscow

Increasingly I meet people who winter wearOn dogs overalls and other clothes. Are pets, who have wool, need additional warming? Or is it just another fashion?

Do dogs need winter clothes?

Most of all, dogs suffer from coldDecorative breeds and pets with short hair. But in frosty weather even long-haired dogs freeze. Especially gets their paws and ears. Therefore, if you prefer long evening walks, it is worthwhile to buy a few warm things for the pet in case of creaky frosts, including boots and a hat.

And for economy, you can sew clothes for a pet from old warm jackets and jackets. The main thing that she had a waterproof surface, did not restrict the movements of the animal and allowed him to walk on the need.

Note that not all dogs are happyPerceives such outfits. It is best to accustom them to clothes in advance, as early as autumn, or to use it at home, for example, during a night's sleep. By the way, such clothes will not only protect the animal from the cold, but also relieve you of the need to clean its wool from dirt and dry it after every walk. You will only need to wipe with a brush or wash your clothes.

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