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Roulette leashes for dogs - what is the danger

Retractable roulette leashes serve for walkingDogs, but are not leashes in the classical sense. This object is a plastic base from which a thin cord of artificial material protrudes. An internally mounted spring tightens the cord when the pet runs up to the wearer. Convenient fastening for the hand and a restrictive length control button gives comfort and ergonomics to the product.

Popularity among buyers of leashes-roulettesThey gained from freedom of movement. The accessory does not restrict the dog, it allows the animal to run away for considerable distances in its business. But is everything so rainbow-safe and safe with this object for walking?

So, are the roulette leashes safe for dogs?

Disadvantages of dog leashes for dogs

Leash Roulette for Dogs

A dog running freely on a leash can appear "aggressive" to another representative of the species, and he decides to give a "rebuff", defending himself or the owner.

The usual leash has a noose. It is convenient to hook on the wrist or hold it in the palm of your hand. At the slide lead plastic handle with excessive force easily slips out of the grip and rushes after the escaping pet.

Many dogs, not realizing that it is thundering andChasing them, they begin to develop speed even faster and try to hide from the "pursuer". But you will not be able to get rid, especially in the open area. Or the dog can catch on a natural obstacle on the crossed site. Even if everything goes well and no one is hurt, the animal may develop fear of a leash and even a walk!

Like any other pull-out devices, the roulette leashes for dogs often break.

If you still decided that your pet shouldWalk on this type of leash, teach him first to walk on an ordinary leather product. Otherwise, the animal will get used to the fact that it can always move freely, and when tying to a traditional leash injures the neck and trachea.

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