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Bicycle walk with a dog - is it difficult?

Igor, Moscow

The warm season has come. I bought a bicycle and thought that you can combine business with pleasure and take a pet with you on a bicycle tour. But I'm a little worried: will not this be too difficult for a dog?

Since all dogs need physicalLoads, cycling can become a substitute for mobile training. But it is important to correctly calculate the load, because not every pet will master a multi-kilometer run at the pace of a two-wheeled vehicle.

In the early days it is better to ride with a dog nearYour house, watching her condition. Adjust the pace of movement if the dog starts to get tired, and stop the trip altogether if the pet is exhausted. Soon you will find out how long the walk is comfortable for the dog.

Note that this type of exercise is strictly not suitable for old and sick animals, for puppies, pregnant pets and dogs with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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