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Wool between paw pads in dogs

Elizabeth, Samara

For a long time the question as to whether it is possible,So that the dog between the pads of the feet grew wool. Some sources say that they do not. Others argue that for dogs, in particular hunting, this is common. My dog ​​(a mixture of husky) wool grows between the pillows constantly and sometimes grows so much that already the pads behind it are not visible. Is it worth it to allow or need to shear?

Wool between the paw pads in dogs followsCut regularly: every two to three weeks. This is done, first of all, for hygiene reasons. In rainy weather during walks, the wool gets dirty and gets stuck in the coils, and in the winter it humidifies and freezes. In both cases, the movement of the pet is difficult.

In addition, if the wool is around the paws tooLong, then the dirt that gets there, dust and foreign bodies is not easy to remove. This can lead to irritation and inflammation of the area between the pads of the paws. The dog will suffer from discomfort and pain.

It is worth noting that shear the wool completelyNot worth it. It is necessary to carefully remove the collapsed knuckles, which are formed when the pet comes on the chewing gum or resin. The rest of the hair between the pads should be cut so that it does not cover them, i.e. At the level of the pads. But to remove the hair between the fingers is not worth it.

Long-haired dogs have other zones,Which should be regularly paid attention. For example, it is necessary to prune a hair on a muzzle if it climbs a pet in eyes, again to not provoke an infection. And for hygiene reasons, you need to remove excess wool from the anus and the genitalia of the pet.

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