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Traveling by car with a dog to Europe

Traveling with a dog is not only possible, but will also bring you much joy. The easiest way to do this is with your own car. To do this, you must advance the route and collect the necessary information.

In European countries are more welcoming to the homeAnimals than in Russia. In Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, you can move around freely with the dog. Entrance with a dog can be banned on public beaches, restaurants, some attractions. It is clear that the dog and the dog will not be allowed into the church and museum, but finding a hotel "pets friendly" will not be difficult in almost any European city. In Venice, dogs willingly take on board gondolas. We are happy to place animals in small private Balkan hotels. It is better to carry a cage together with a dog. And of course, wear a muzzle in public places.

To ensure that the trip was comfortable, you need to know some rules.

How to travel with a dog on the car?

  1. Develop a route. In order to avoid difficulties, you should follow a well-thought-out path. Websites http://www.viamichelin.com/, http://www.viamichelin.com/ allow you to route, calculate the time for the journey, the amount of fuel, the nearest hotels, the cost of the roads (if there are paid ones).
  2. Book a hotel room. Not all hotels accept animals. It is better to choose a place of residence before leaving the starting point. On the site, find the notation "pets accepted". Ask for an extra charge for the dog. Use sites with a large number of hotels: http://www.booking.com/, http://www.accorhotels.com/ and others.
  3. Food for the dog. Industrial food take for the duration of the trip: there may not be a brand in the country, and if it does, traveling through the cities to search for it is unlikely to please you. If you feed natural food, then buy rice (on the packaging it's better that the cooking time was indicated) and minced meat or raw meat. Stuffing can be bought at the supermarket.
  4. Check if you took the first aid kit, wet napkins, muzzle, several collars, leashes, cage, cloth for cleaning paws.
  5. Gather the necessary documents. The dog must have a vaccination against rabies, a general vaccination, an electronic chip, a mark in the veterinary passport about the sweep of worms and fleas, a veterinary certificate of the European model. Some countries require that the animal be transported in a cage during transportation.

Be interested in the airline about the possibilityCarrying a dog before you buy a ticket. Some airlines do not take dogs more than the established weight. Aircraft IL - 76 do not have heating in the cargo compartment. There are other planes without heating.

Traveling by car with a dog to Europe

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