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What to feed dogs and cats to prazniki

Elena, Novosibirsk

I know that it's impossible to give food to dogs and cats. But in fact during feasts they constantly entice pieces. What can you please the pet so that he too feels himself a part of the holiday?

Indeed, from human food, especiallySweet, smoked, fried and alcoholic, animals must be protected in every possible way. And as a treat for dogs and cats, you can separately cook fresh meat and make minced meat without adding onions and spices.

In addition, pet stores sell specialPet treats: dog bones and tasty slices for cats. Usually animals eat these foods with great pleasure and get a lot of benefits. Because there are many vitamins and minerals. And for cats, you can find special goodies, which also improve the digestion of pets and simplify the withdrawal of wool from the stomach.

You can please the guests with food with birds and rodents. They will have to taste fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as dried berries without sugar.

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