/ When to start training a dog?

When to start training a dog?

Igor, Yekaterinburg

Is it possible to teach the dog commands after a year?

Training dogs is not just learningCheerful teams, which the pet performs to amuse the hosts and guests. The task is to teach the pet a good manners, obedience and create mutual understanding between the animal and its owner.

Professional cynologists recommend leadingPuppy for classes when he was 4 months old. By this time the animal has already made all the necessary vaccinations. It can go out without a threat to health and contact people and dogs.

But the most important thing is that a four-month-old puppyAn active stage of intellectual development begins. His brain quickly forms and, like a sponge, absorbs new information, and he also unlimitedly trusts the owners. In short, this is the ideal time for education.

From 6 months to 1.5 years the dog begins adolescence. She begins to check the hosts for strength. If they have not been trained before this training, then it will be much more difficult to train a dog. Here much depends on the temperament and nature of the pet.

In this case, do not train the dogYourself. It is more reasonable to enroll in classes for professional trainers. They have experience working with animals that are difficult. Therefore, the chances of teaching the commands of a teenage puppy are quite high.

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