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The dog gets fat: what to do

Igor, Kiev

I feed my dog ​​according to the norms, painted on the package with dry food. But for some reason he is still gaining weight. Do you really need to give him less food? Will he eat up such portions?

These rates are calculated for animals with an average level of physical activity. If the pet is not for long walks and almost does not play with him, then, by consuming such a quantity of food, he will gain weight. One way out: either increase the load, or give less food.

Try to give the minimum portion indicated on the package for a week and observe the weight of the pet. Gradually increase the rate - this will allow you to choose the optimal portion.

During this experiment, it is worth making sure thatNo one at home does not feed the dog with food from the table. Very often such small delicacies lead to weight gain, because they are quite high in calories.

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