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Ready-made fodders for cats and dogs

How do you usually act? Do you go to the store and take a bright, colorful package? Of course not! Most likely, you choose a familiar brand of food, about which you heard something good from your friends, in advertising on TV, right?

Most often, ready-made food for dogs and cats is divided into three main classes: economy, premium and super-premium.

It would be so convenient to distinguish food from stickers! But, unfortunately, this classification is very and very conditional, the legislation does not provide for any norms and criteria in this regard. We will tell you what distinguishes one class of feed from another so that you can choose the best for your pet.

Ready-made food for dogs and cats of the so-called "economy class"

Sold in every supermarket and closest to youStore. Such feed satisfies the basic needs of the pet, but does not take into account either the characteristics of the breed, nor the size, nor even the age of the animal. Croquettes in such foods are often tinted in different colors for beauty and the formation of the feeling of an "ideal dish", but it should be remembered that for a dog or cat the color of food does not matter. In addition, the daily dose is quite high, you will often have to replenish supplies. All because for production is used not expensive raw materials and the digestion of feed is relatively low. It can be said, this is the food of mass consumption. But such diets are balanced and do not harm the health of dogs and cats.

Feed, which is classified as a "premium class"

This category of fodder is more expensive than the previous one. Products have higher digestibility (digestibility), so the daily feed rate is lower. In the feed there are complexes of nutrients that have a positive effect on health (joint support, improvement of the appearance of the wool, prevention of urolithiasis, etc.). The assortment of such feeds takes into account age, weight and other individual characteristics of animals

Ready-made food for dogs and cats, which can be attributed to the class of "superpremium"

The most expensive category of feed. Such food is sold only in veterinary clinics or pet stores. With supermarkets, you simply will not find them. Everything has been thought out here, from high-tech packaging to precisely verified composition. The manufacturer maintains the highest requirements for raw materials, maintains a complete balance of nutritional components, takes into account the individual needs of the pet: age, size, activity, lifestyle, breed, even individual habits.

Such feeds are highly digestible, theirDigestibility is more than 85%, contain in its composition a large number of significant components that not only provide the animal's energy, but also support health, contribute to the prevention of various problems and diseases.

Packaging not only does not disintegrateCroquettes, but also successfully preserves fats, natural aroma and feed properties. As a rule, manufacturers of such rations have their own laboratories and research centers. Croquettes in such foods are not tinted. Due to high digestibility, the daily norm is not high, while providing the animal organism with everything necessary for life and excellent health.

Information on the packaging also has a largeValue in the selection of pet food. The inscriptions "steamed potatoes, chicken fed grain, etc." are primarily aimed at the owner. It should be remembered that in fact it is important to provide the animal with all the necessary nutrients, and at the same time, the dog or cat does not care where the raw material comes from, its main high quality.

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