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How to instill a dog's eyes

Our dog's eyes are inflamed. The veterinarian prescribed drops, but did not explain how to drip them correctly. The dog constantly turns his head, and part of the medicine does not linger in his eyes.

Larissa, St. Petersburg

Correctly instill a dog's eyes

To properly bury the eyes of a dog, you will need help. One chelovk should keep a pet so thatHe did not move and did not turn his head. It is better to pre-seat a large dog. It is important that the head of the pet was pointed slightly upwards. Then the medicine will not flow out of the eyes.

Before instillation it is worth to rinse the eyes, if inThey have a selection. Use a cotton swab soaked in warm water or a decoction of chamomile. For safety, you can put a muzzle on the dog so that it does not bite you with fear or surprise.

Drip into the outer corner of the eye. After this, do not release the pet immediately, otherwise it will get rid of the medicine. Slightly rub the upper eyelid - this will allow the drug to distribute evenly. Let the pet stand still for a minute.

After this, you can remove it with a dry cloth orTampon droplets left on the coat around the eyes. But make sure not to touch the eyeball of the animal by accident. It can injure the cornea. After the procedure, always give the pet something tasty and praise it.


If the doctor prescribed several medicines, then they should not be dripped at once, but at intervals of 15-20 minutes

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