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What a dog should be able to do

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Recently took a puppy boxer's home. We do not plan to make a service dog out of it. We just want to train a few basic commands so that the dog obeys, does not molest strangers and does not lift food from the ground. Tell us how to achieve this?

Importance of training dogs

Without a minimum of training, not onedog. If you do not regulate her behavior, even the friendliest dog can scare other people and get into trouble. Of course, it is better to take a course of training in the club of dog breeders from a professional trainer, but if you wish, you can train the dog yourself.

For classes, you will need a collar with a leash,Muzzle and dog food or other useful delicacy that your pet adores. Do it regularly, not missing a single day. At the beginning of the training the dog should already respond to his name and not be afraid of a collar with a muzzle. What should a dog be able to do?

1. The Team Near!

This team is especially important for large pets. The bottom line is that the dog walks next to the owner on a leash or without it. On command, he remains near and at stops, and during the turns. However, small dogs should also be trained to this team. Then they will not furiously pull the leash, going through their own throat, and will stay near even near the pedestrian crossings or at the sight of other dogs.

Training Team Next

Start training should be on a short leash. Take it to the left arm of the collar, and hold the right end to the right. Say the command "Next!" And go forward. Whenever the dog tries to outrun you, slow down or step aside, easily pull the leash over and repeat the command strictly. When the dog begins to perform it, be sure to stroke the pet, give a treat and praise out loud, while repeating the command: "Well done, close!"

2. The command To me!

This team also needs to practice on a leash. As a result, the dog will approach you on demand. Release the pet to walk, loosening the leash. When he steps back as far as possible, call him "To me!". You can show him the treat and pull the leash on yourself.

If the dog understands not the first time, in no wayDo not shout at her, otherwise she will be afraid to approach. The point is that the pet does it willingly and with joy. Therefore, when he finally comes up, praise him, caress and treat him with a delicacy.

3. Team Fu!

This command prohibits the dog from performingUndesirable actions. When it is worked out, it is allowed to punish the pet with a jerk of the leash or with an easy but tangible slap on the croup. Spank is better not by hand, but by a folded newspaper.

Usually the team is practiced in real circumstances, when the dog tries to pick up something from the ground or go to the passerby. However, you can make a dramatization.

Let some of your friends do not noticeThe dog will put something to eat on the ground. It is advisable to do this in rubber gloves, so that there is no familiar smell left. When the dog tries to pick up food, pull the leash and command "Fu!". Obviously praise her, and then take a break for a game or a walk.

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