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What to do if you are allergic to a dog

According to statistics, every sixth person on the planet suffers from allergies to pets. Reaction can cause wool, dander and saliva of the pet.

This spring began unimaginable. She began to sneeze, constantly itch. The test showed an allergy to dog hair. But Baxik lives with us for more than 5 years. I used to have no similar reactions to pets. I do not want to give the pet - everyone is very attached to it, but there is not enough strength to tolerate an allergy.

Irina, Samara

Of course, the best solution is to give the pet to other owners. But if you are not ready to part with your beloved beast, Take a course of specific immunotherapy. Every day you will do Nyxes of the allergen, Increasing the dose. In 9 out of 10 cases the body gets used to it, and the allergy disappears. But the dog at the time of treatment still have to give to friends.

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