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Muzzles for dogs: which is better to buy, photo

A dog is a dog. Muzzle muzzle - too! But not all owners understand this! Some try to pull on their dog an uncomfortable, tight and heavy construction. Such reckless behavior can lead to injuries to the oral cavity of the animal, heat stroke, suffocation and deformation of the muzzle.

Other owners, on the contrary, are put on a petToo simple muzzles that any self-respecting dog gnaws or takes off in a matter of minutes. Such simple designs they only mix their favorites, and if the dog is poorly socialized, they also endanger the surrounding people! How to pick up a muzzle, which will protect passers-by from sharp fangs and will not harm the dog?

If the dog does not have a muzzle ...

Many dog ​​lovers believe that the muzzle is for the pet an object of torture. But sometimes it's even worse not to wear it! After all, everything can turn as it does in the following stories.

In Moscow, the Staffordshire Terrier attackedThree-year-old baby Vasya Baranov. This accident made the authorities think about creating a state law on dog breeders. The injured child's eyes are damaged, his chin is chopped, and a large number of wounds are spread all over his body. The kid lost a lot of blood and got into resuscitation. All this happened on the playground. The father defended his son and also suffered. And the owner of the dog could not help dragging the dog, nor stop the attack by the teams. If the dog walked in a muzzle, Vasya would not remain an invalid for life.

Irina, Moscow:

Remember the massive poisoning of dogs in the parks of MoscowAnd Peter? Dogtowners laid out poisonous baits right on the lawn! I was walking my dog ​​in the park where they actively traded. My Jack was killed by eating a poisoned cutlet. And Regina, the neighbor's sheepdog, remained alive only because she always walked in a frequent muzzle. The dog simply did not have the opportunity to pick up and eat something from the ground.

Uniform state law on wearingMuzzles for dogs yet. But this is spelled out in the code of each city. Violation is punishable by a fine. For example, in Minsk, you can not walk without a muzzle a dog, whose growth is more than 25 cm, and age - over 3 months. The history and purpose of the breed on these rules does not affect. If law enforcement officers notice you or if someone from the "well-wishers" reports that you are not following the order, you will have to pay.

If the dog does not have a muzzle ...

In Moscow muzzles are obliged to walk dogs, whose growth is above 40 cm, and in St. Petersburg this accessory should be on all pets above the height of 35 cm and pets that are brought up as defenders.

The dog will certainly need a muzzle if he walks inPlaces of congestion of people. At the reception with a veterinarian and in public transport is also necessarily his presence. The driver has the right not to let the animal without a muzzle into the vehicle.

For the fact that your dog was noticed without a muzzle, youWill be fined. In case of repeated cases, the amount of the fine is doubled. If the dog injures someone, the owner of the animal runs the risk of going to jail for up to 6 months.

Requirements for muzzles in the CIS countriesFor comparison even more stringent. For example, in several EU countries the maintenance of a pet of service breed is equated to the storage of weapons. In Norway and Denmark, people are not allowed to have them at all. In Israel, it is forbidden to keep Rottweilers, Bull Terriers and Mastiffs. And in Germany they decided to nullify the breed of stuff, pit bulls and bull terriers. They were banned from breeding, and those animals that were already born were sterilized without fail.

How to teach a dog to muzzle?

Wearing a muzzle is an indispensable element of training. It is better to start no later than six months old. Before, it is worthwhile to train the pet for the main teams, especially the ban team - "impossible"

When you will accustom a dog to a muzzle, use the "carrot" method and forget about the "whip". Do not put the muzzle on the dog at once. Do it cunningly and without compulsion.

It is better to put the muzzle on the floor, and inside leaveFavorite dog treat. The dog itself will put a nose there! Repeat this action several times before the dog ceases to feel alert towards the subject.

The ideal time for such cunning is before every walk and feeding. In these moments, the dog has an upbeat mood. Praise the dog every time she voluntarily shoves the muzzle into the muzzle.

After a week, zap your muzzle on the animal. The dog will try to free himself. But you must forbid her to do this with a team. Remove the muzzle yourself and generously treat the animal with something delicious. Over time, he will develop a positive attitude towards the new accessory.

However, this will happen only if the muzzle does not cause the pet pain - rub, squeeze, scratch. So try to choose a convenient copy.

How to choose and which muzzle is better to buy?

For a muzzle go, just knowing whichModel you need. Store employees are not advisers to you. Unfortunately, they are mainly interested in getting the goods. It will be convenient for your dog, they do not care. It is better to call the breeder and find out from him what muzzle is needed for your breed. And the seller should only inform the breed and sex of the dog.

It is advisable to buy a muzzle in the presence of a dog so that you can try on an accessory.

If this is not possible, remove the measurements in advance. Measure the girth of the muzzle under the eyes, the girth of the neck and the distance from the eyes to the nose. Add to each measurement of approximately 3 cm. Based on these data, the seller will pick up the muzzle in size.

Models and materials

Nylon, nylon and jeans

Muzzles made of these materials are usually looped. They fit snugly against the muzzle, squeezing the dog's jaw. In this adaptation the dog can not open his mouth, stick out his tongue, drink and eat.

Such muzzles are not strong and wear out quickly. You can not use them for more than an hour. Otherwise, the pet can overheat. Sometimes such designs rub the nose and lips of the dog.

For training and aggressive dogs this muzzleNot suitable. After all, it's easy to bite someone with incisors. But it is very light and quickly put on. Therefore, the owners of non-spiteful, but large dogs can use cloth muzzles for a short walk, travel in public transport or during a vet examination.

Muzzle muzzles for dogs

Two types of muzzles are made of leather.

1. The basket (otherwise - the grid)

It is better to choose a device from a thick andQuality leather. Make sure that all rivets are strong. On the inside, the muzzle should be trimmed with a cloth. Otherwise, the muzzle of the dog will scratch against the rivet.

This muzzle is very dirty. Clear it is more difficult than the construction of plastic and metal. The skin often soaks, then withers. Because of this, it crackles violently.

Such an accessory is easy to remove. And the dog copes with it without assistance. Therefore, this muzzle is suitable for good dogs, which will not offend the flies either.

It is worth putting on his walks and when travelingIn transport for the species. From bites, he defends little, so for service breeds and for training it is better not to use it. But it is perfectly ventilated and allows the dog to breathe, opening its mouth.

Muzzle muzzles for dogs

2. A muffled muzzle

This device is made of durable leather. It does not allow the dog to open its mouth. Muzzle in place of the nose is strongly compressed. This muzzle is used during the correction of the behavior of too aggressive dogs, the veterinarian, and also when transporting pets with a character in public transport. The dog in this accessory can not breathe with his mouth.

For a long time you can not wear a muffled muzzle. Especially in hot weather. An animal in it will quickly get a heat stroke.

Metal muzzles for dogs

Muzzle made of metal is considered to be the strongest. Suitable even for aggressive dogs, for training and walking. And for especially dangerous pets you can buy a metal muzzle with two grids. Less is in severity. But the big dogs do not notice the weight.

You can walk in such a muzzle for a long time. It does not clamp the muzzle and does not interfere with ventilation. But its use is only in the warm season. Metal is a good conductor of temperature. In winter, the dog can stick to the tongue and frostbite the muzzle. True, now came up with such designs with heaters. In them, a dog can walk on the street even in frost. These devices are universal!

When buying, pay attention to the quality of the metal. The design without special coating will quickly rust.

Plastic muzzles for dogs

Muzzle of plastic is very light and comfortable. The dog in it can walk and train very long. After all, the ventilation in this accessory is very good.

One downside is fragility. Plastic is easy to break, especially - a large dog. But this muzzle is cheaper than others. However, it is useless to wear this accessory with aggressive animals!

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