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Everyone loves dogs? Sometimes a person does not like dogs. Why?

Everybody understands that the visitors of thisSite, in the majority, - happy owners of dogs, or dreaming of the pet people. And even the authors of the articles - all dogs)) Because of this, no one here has to prove that the dog is a wonderful animal, a devoted friend and an excellent companion. But this is only in our opinion, among ordinary people who are far from the idea of ​​having a dog, or do not generally approve of the residence of dogs in the same entrance, house and district, it is not so simple.

Everyone loves dogs

There are many people who are simply afraidDogs. You can get a smile on it (especially if you are the owner of the cute American cocker, or dwarf poodle, or playful toy terrier), but there are enough of these people, and they live next to you and your pet, just do not always react in any way A hostile look. Many are now outraged in the shower "How can you not love dogs? ..", But let's at least a little try to understand the reason for dislike of our four-legged friends.

Here are the main reasons for the rejection of dogs by humans:

  • Here are the main reasons for the rejection of dogs by humansSometimes a person does not like dogs, because he hadPlace a traumatic event (and even a few) involving the dog. According to statistics, most bites are not committed by stray dogs, but by the pets of friends, relatives or neighbors, so imagine that a person can think of your dog, completely unknown to him. And no your "Do not be afraid, it will not bite" will not help in this case, on the contrary, they will also harm you.
  • People do not like dogs, because oftenFaced with masters who do not control their animals. Some owners neglect the leash and muzzle, even if the dog is large and potentially dangerous to others. Such owners are sure that nothing terrible will happen if the dog runs late at night, they are near, well, sniffs a maximum of the passer-by, well, bark in the dark ...
  • There are many people who are just afraid of dogsA special category of "afraid" - mothers with children. In such cases, fear for his child is also mixed with hostility because a very small category removes excrement from the dog. And some also walk the animals near children's playgrounds (this problem is especially acute in large cities, in sleeping areas where it is extremely difficult to find a relatively unpopulated place for walking), which, of course, is completely unacceptable.
  • It also happens that a person shies away from you and your pet simply because he is allergic, and to make him fall in love and get used to dogs is impossible for physiological reasons.

The problem of walking

Of course, this is only a number of reasons, not alwaysNeighbors from below, for example, do not perceive your dog just so. But remembering this, you can try to avoid many unpleasant conversations with non-dogs; Observing certain rules, you can simplify life for yourself and others. And, most importantly, it is important to understand that Educated dogs are only among well-bred hosts.

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