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Crayons for dogs - the need and benefit of the application

Crayons for dogs Are a mineral supplement thatCleans the mouth of the pet and prevents the formation of tartar. Just crayons help to maintain the overall health of the animal, replenishing the deficiency of microelements in the body. It is especially important to use the additive during the growth period, when the puppy's bones are just forming. It is equally important to use chalks for an adult as well, since additives allow maintaining the immunity of the pet and providing it with energy.

Why do we need crayons for dogs?

Dogs are carnivorous animals, the basis of theirRation is based on meat products. In calculating a balanced menu, all the necessary microelements must be obtained from the animal meat portion. However, the paradox is that most of the nutrients, including calcium, are destroyed during the heat treatment of food.

Giving raw food to pets is prohibited, soAs the risk of parasite infection is too high. Various sausages and smoked products are often of questionable quality, "thanks" to what takes the place of an outsider in the dog diet.

Why do we need crayons for dogs?

Get missing items from cereals and vegetablesPets is quite difficult, because animals do not have an important enzyme that allows to properly digest carbohydrates. Thus, various cereals, flour products, fruits and vegetables only trigger the work of the intestine, but are not a natural source of calcium for the pet's body.

Finished feed partially solve the problemBalanced nutrition of the dog, as they contain multivitamin complexes. However, even they can not guarantee a 100% result of saturation of the pet's body with calcium and other important microelements. Therefore, the question becomes especially topical: how to provide a furry favorite with vital minerals? To help the owners come chalks for dogs.

They prevent the onset of scarceState in the body of the animal, used as a preventive measure, used to work with existing pathologies. Crayons for dogs are developed in strict accordance with the latest scientific developments in the field of healthy animal nutrition.

The composition of the supplements is well balanced and suitable for different periods of the dog's life: childhood, mature age, old age. Thanks to this, there is such an abundance of chalks on the shelves of pet stores.

Studies have shown that regular use of chalks provides the pet with more healthy teeth, and also contributes to an increase in the average life expectancy.

Advantages of using chalks:

  • Crayons for dogsImprovement of mineral metabolism;
  • Intensification of digestion;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Normalization of heat transfer;
  • Prevention of calcium metabolism disorders;
  • Prevention of rickets;
  • Ensuring the correct formation of bone tissue;
  • Promotes a set of muscle mass;
  • Positively affects the salivary gland;
  • Improves the health of the coat and its appearance;
  • Strengthens the immune system.

When should the crayons be given to the pet?

Calcium, which participates in the formation of bone tissueAnd accelerating metabolic processes, plays a large role in maintaining the health of the dog. Microelements of chalks are necessary at different periods of the puppy's growing up. Experts recommend giving supplements, beginning with the early age of the dog and continuing their use throughout the life of the pet.

Of particular relevance is the use of additivesAcquires during molting. Calcium will allow to maintain a healthy appearance of fur coat during the change of the hair cover. Adding crayons to the diet of a dog is also necessary during pregnancy. The use of additives will affect not only the health of the pet, but also the state of the future generation.

In the advanced age of the pet, the level of contentCalcium in the body drops significantly, so the use of chalk after 9 years of dog life is a must. Mineral supplements also serve as an excellent preventive of tartar.

Crayons for dogs

Crayons for dogs can contain not onlyCalcium, but also various vitamins, which makes it necessary to use them in stressful situations for animals - moving, active physical activity, travel, participation in competitions, recovery from injuries. Additives will make up for missing vitamins in the body and strengthen immunity.

Pharmacological properties of chalk for animals:

  1. Stimulation of cardiovascular function;
  2. Normalization of pressure;
  3. Maintenance of muscle tone;
  4. Providing elasticity and hardness of bones;
  5. Acceleration of iron exchange, purification from toxins;
  6. Acceleration of the change of teeth.

Side effects from the use of additives were not revealed, which indicates the safety of the use of chalk and their beneficial effects on the body of the pet.

Macro-elements contained in animal chalk:

  • Calcium - is necessary for normal formationBone tissue and maintenance of arterial pressure. Takes part in the regulation of muscular and nervous activity. Strengthens the protective barriers of the body, favorably affects the reproductive system. Normalizes the work of the intestines, supports the alkaline balance in the body;
  • Potassium - is necessary for normal heart activity, regulates reproductive functions;
  • Phosphorus - is necessary for prevention of softening of bones, prevents development of rickets and osteochondrosis;
  • Silicon - is necessary for the normal formation of cartilaginous tissue, takes part in the mineralization of bones, promotes the synthesis of collagen;
  • Sodium - maintains osmotic pressure, regulates salt balance, stabilizes the activity of the stomach.

Crayons for dogs: varieties

Additives are conventionally divided into the following categories:

  1. General action - for dogs and puppies;
  2. Corrective action - for the musculoskeletal system, for wool, for pets of advanced age, for pets of large breeds, for miniature animals;
  3. Crayons of enhanced action.

Crayons of general action are aimed at an integratedStrengthening the immune system of the dog, increase the resistance of the pet to various infectious diseases, improve the quality of life of the animal. Such additives have a variety of flavors and fillers that make crayons attractive to dogs.

Tastes of beef, liver, smoked products are popular. There are also highly specialized models aimed solely at strengthening bones or preventing the appearance of tartar.

Corrective crayons are designed to combat the alreadyExisting problem or prevent its occurrence. To this end, the composition of additives is supplemented by various ingredients that affect the problem area.

Crayons for dogs

Crayons of enhanced action are designed forDogs with which active training is conducted. Also, supplements are recommended for those pets who have recently undergone surgery and are in the recovery period. The use of additives strengthens the immune system, increases the endurance of the pet and promotes the collection of muscle mass.

Polyvitaminic models - how useful?

Many manufacturers of additives saturate the composition of crayons with additional vitamins, which only enhances the positive effect on the pet:

  • Crayons for dogsVitamin A - regulates metabolic processes in the mucosa, improves eyesight, eliminates eyelid swelling, eliminates problems of dull hair;
  • Vitamins of group B - regulate the metabolism of fats;
  • Vitamin B2 - accelerates the synthesis of hemoglobin, improves the functioning of the retina of the eye;
  • Vitamin B6 - improves the exchange of amino acids;
  • Vitamin B12 - regulates blood coagulability, improves the functioning of the liver and nervous system;
  • Vitamin C - regulates metabolic processes in connective tissues, participates in the formation of thyroid hormones;
  • Vitamin D - increases immunity, accelerates the absorption of calcium;
  • Vitamin E - improves the hormonal system.

Recommendations for the selection of crayons for dogs, the price

Despite the seeming simplicity of choice chalk,It is recommended to contact the veterinarian before buying, which will tell you the specific type of supplement most suitable for your four-legged friend. In addition, the expert will tell you the most appropriate price-quality ratio.

The cost of crayons for dogs depends on the brandManufacturer, the size and volume of the additive, the presence of flavor flavors. The most budgetary models are domestic production, but they are often represented by simple chalk, which includes only calcium. The cost of such supplements starts from 120 rubles.

More expensive, but also more qualitative, are foreign chalks that have a rich vitamin composition, are represented by different sizes (for large and small breeds). The cost of additives varies within 300 rubles.

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