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How to correctly and quickly sell puppies

In different countries of the world there are variousLaws governing the rules of trade in puppies. Before you decide to start selling, review the relevant laws of your country. For example, in the USA puppy can be sold at the age of not less than 7 weeks. In other countries, the age of the puppy can be at least 8 weeks. The law of selling animals takes into account the stages of development of their brain and body, as well as the ability to do without parents.

How to correctly and quickly sell puppies

For 8 weeks the puppy should live with his mother,To learn from her to eat and adopt other habits. At this time it is useful for him to communicate with other of his brethren. If the puppy is too early excommunicated from the mother, it becomes very sluggish and dependent.

During the first 8 weeks of life, the puppy shouldTo eat mother 's milk. If he does not receive milk, he must be fed with other food, which can lead to indigestion, the appearance of vomiting and diarrhea, as well as growth disorders. How to correctly and quickly sell puppies? Consider below a number of tips and recommendations of specialists.

Before you put a puppy on sale, do not forget to do all the necessary vaccinations. You can find out about the plan of vaccinations from a veterinarian.

Now it's time to print ads and place them in different places. Where can I hang them?

  • At the door of pet stores;
  • At the vet's office;
  • To advertise in a newspaper or magazine;
  • To place advertising on the Internet.

How to sell puppies?

It will be best if you photograph your dog with puppies. Do not forget to write all your details: phone numbers and e-mail address.

While posting ads are always on communication.

If you give home phone numbers, sitat home. If you give email addresses, you are online. The pictures of the puppies placed on the ad attract the attention of the buyers very much. They immediately see that you have nothing to hide.

Sellers who sell puppies dishonestly by buying them beforehand from second-hand dealers, pictures never place, inventing all kinds of fables that it is harmful to photograph dogs and so on.

In its announcement it is important to mention the agePuppies, breed, gender, information on vaccination. If you want to buy a lot of puppies, you can sell animals at high prices. If there are not enough people, the price will have to be reduced slightly. Before you give the puppy to the new owner, find out what conditions are created for him.

How to sell puppies

What should I ask a potential buyer?

  • Does he have a fenced yard, where would the puppy be safe?
  • How far is a person's house from populated areas or a veterinary clinic?
  • If the buyer rented a house or apartment, find out if the owners allowed him to keep the animals.
  • Is the buyer able to support the dog in the material plan, and can he pay veterinary services.

What price should I set?

  • Do not be greedy and do not wring the prices. Sometimes puppies have all chances to get into a good house, but the cost of them is such that this will never happen.
  • Call the owners' phones that sell puppies to find out the average prices on the market.
  • Find out how much the price of purebred dogs is higher than that of mongrel dogs. If you have a clean breed, puppies can be sold more expensive.
  • Do not forget to include in the dog's cost any veterinary expenses for puppies - vaccinations, examinations and so on.

How to sell puppies?The breeder must do the following:

  • Give the customer a certificate of vaccination. It should indicate the date of vaccination, as well as the timetable for the following.
  • If a bitch or a puppy is sick, this is necessaryMust inform the buyer. A guarantee for the health of the puppy should be given for at least a week. During this time, the buyer will turn to the veterinarian and begin treatment of the animal. If the veterinarian confirms that the puppy is really seriously ill, the breeder should be ready at any time to return the buyer money and pick up the animal.
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