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How to cut the claws of a dog: cut it right at home

Every dog ​​owner wants his petWas joyful, well-groomed and - most importantly - to make him feel good. It would seem, and here the pruning of claws? However, shortly clipped claws are the basis of the dog's comfort.

Unfortunately, in practice for many hostsClipping claws turns into a big problem. In this case, they seek help from a veterinarian or a dog salon, and more often - just stop paying attention to these necessary troubles. Although the procedure itself with the right approach is very simple and takes no more than 10 minutes.

Why is it important to cut the claws of a dog?

When moving, the outer edge of the dog's claw touchesThe surface of the support, erasing about which, it receives a characteristic form. If there is insufficient erasure (walking on a soft or slippery surface, short walks), the shape of the claw is distorted.

The elongated claws can cause a violationForms of phalanges of fingers and put paws, make the dog more susceptible to injuries and injuries, in particular to sprains, contribute to the development of arthritic changes in the limbs.

Curvature of the fingers and violation of the inclination of the pastern contribute to improper claw clawing in the future - and aggravate the situation.

In addition, do not forget about the lucrativeFingers - their claws do not wear off at all. Growing in excess of the required length, they can curl inward and crash into the pads of the dewclaws, causing severe pain and opening the way for infection.

How to properly cut the claws of a dog at home?


Too long claws lose strength, breakAnd split. If the claw fragment hangs, but there is no bleeding, you can gently trim it, and then straighten the edge with a nail file. After - lubricate the claw with a nourishing cream.

If, with a broken claw from the wound, oozesBlood - I advise you not to take independent actions. The paw needs to be bandaged, which will allow the dog to move painlessly, and then contact the veterinarian.

Choose nails for cutting the claws of a dog

On sale there are nails or as they are called - two types of claws: Guillotine and With sickle-shaped blades.

Choosing a claw to cut the claws of a dog

The former can not always cope with fat andStrong claws, so for a large dog choose a tool of the second type. Also I recommend to buy a special nail file so that you have the opportunity to level the edge of the claw after removing the excess part.

How to cut a dog's claws correctly - the first procedure

You need to prepare:

  • Nail clip corresponding to the size of the dog.
  • Saw for final processing of claws.
  • Hemostatic agent (hydrogen peroxide or streptocid powder), gauze wads or cotton balls.
  • A treat for a dog

If your dog's breeder has applied a littleEffort and patience, accustoming the puppy to the procedure of cutting the claws, then you will not have any difficulties. If you have to accustom a grown up puppy yourself, I advise you to first take the help of one of the relatives.

Choose a comfortable, well-lit place. Ask the assistant to lay the dog on its side and fix it, stroking and soothing its voice. As soon as the puppy calms down - proceed.

If your dog has light, transparent claws -You are lucky, in this case a blood vessel is clearly visible, which means that there is less chance of causing pain to the dog, damaging it. If the claw is dark, try to cut only the folding part.

It is important to be careful, sinceShort cutting or sharp angle of the saw can be touched by soft tissues inside the claw, which will provoke pain, bleeding and fear of the procedure for paw care afterwards.

Do not cut the claw immediately at the desired length, do it gradually in several receptions of 1-2 millimeters - this will help the dog avoid unnecessary pain.

If you still touch the blood vessel,Located inside, do not panic - there's nothing wrong with that. Simply push to the claw a cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide, or attach a pinch of streptocid. At the end, the cropped edges can be processed with a nail file. And do not forget to encourage the delicately endured pet procedure with a delicacy.

How to cut a dog's claws correctly - the first procedure

How often do you have to clip the claws to a dog?

Claws should be pruned as needed, but at least every 5-7 days for the puppy, once every two weeks - for a teenager and an old dog, once a month - for an adult dog.

How to determine that claws have grown strongly and theirIt's time to prune? If you conduct the procedure regularly, then this question is irrelevant. If not, the main feature is the characteristic "clinking" of dog claws when walking on the floor. While ideally the dog's claws should only touch the surface lightly, but do not touch it.

Painful sensations when pruning claws in a dog can occur in the following cases:

  • Using simple scissors - they split claws.
  • A blunted tool that does not cut, but knocks and crushes the claw.
  • If you cut the claw too short and touch the vessel inside.

It is important to remember that regular care for claws is one of the conditions of the health and good mood of your dog!

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